Saint Alexander's College

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Saint Alexander's College
Collège Saint-Alexandre (French)
Logo of Saint Alexander's College
Other name
MottoCultura es scientia (Latin)
Motto in English
Culture is knowledge
TypePublic college
Established1 April 2016 (8 years ago) (2016-04-01)
FounderLouis Philippe I
Outaragasipi, Valinois
Affiliated institutionsSaint Alphonse Institute

Saint Alexander's College (French: Collège Saint-Alexandre) is a prominent public collegiate institution situated within the Newgraviate of Saint-Castin. Founded on 1 April 2016, the college has gained acclaim for its distinctive emphasis not only on the study of worldwide micronational cultures, linguistic groups, and North American indigenous peoples, but also on dance education.


Saint Alexander's College was founded on 1 April 2016 by Louis Philippe I.


Since its foundation, the Saint Alexander's College is managed by schools:

  • School of Humanities
  • School of Fine Arts and of the Scene
  • School of General Education

Campuses and Specializations

Saint Alexander's College operates multiple campuses, each offering specialized academic programs. These campuses are situated within the Province of Outaragasipi, encompassing locations in Tekakwitha, Cépages-près-Saint-Lin, and Villemaison. The Tekakwitha and Cépages-près-Saint-Lin locations collaboratively form the Louis-Philippe I. Campus, focusing on Global Cultural and Linguistic Studies. Notably, the Martha-Graham Campus in Villemaison has gained distinction for its dedicated emphasis on dance education. Furthermore, the institution oversees the Saint-Alphonse Institute in Saint-Alphonse-de-Bagotville, the provincial capital of Valinois, which is committed to providing comprehensive general education.

Logo of Louis-Philippe I. campus located in Tekakwitha and Cepages-près-Saint-Lin in Outaragasipi province
Logo of the Saint-Castin Dance Convervatory of the Martha-Graham Campus located in Villemaison, Outaragasipi.
Logo of affiliated Saint-Alphonse Institute in Valinois province

Global Cultural and Linguistic Studies

At Saint Alexander's College, students are provided with a unique opportunity to engage in immersive studies that center around the cultures and languages of diverse micronational entities, fostering global awareness and open-mindedness. The institution's pedagogical team, comprised of accomplished scholars and experts, actively guides students in their pursuit of knowledge, fostering an environment that encourages critical questioning, constructive discourse, and meaningful contributions to the expansion of human understanding.

Interdisciplinary Approach

Saint Alexander's College offers an enriching platform for the convergence of ideas and the formation of novel perspectives through its interdisciplinary programs and courses. Students have the privilege of delving into the rich history of North American indigenous peoples, deciphering the complexities of micronational cultures, and cultivating a comprehensive global outlook that transcends conventional geographical boundaries.

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