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Republic University is a system of colleges and high schools in Arlberg. It is used as a way to connect Attucks State College, Glass Academy of Literature, The University System of Shinnihon & Apex, and the Military Academy at Savannahport (commonly called simply SMACKDOWN).

Attucks State College

Attucks State College is the central college system in Georgia. It is comprised of two schools, Georgia School of Chemistry and Sciences (GeorgiaChem) and Attucks State College.

Attucks State College is Arlberg's oldest college, first established as Georgia State College and later Dooquesnee University. It is a presitigous school of applied sciences, history, and language.

GeorgiChem is a school of biology, hortaculture, and chemistry.


The University System of Shinnihon & Apex, commonly called uPEX and including the Glass Academy of Literature, is the most prestigious education system of Arlberg. It is Arlberg's largest educational system, including four schools.


SMACKDOWN!, the Military Academy at Savannahport, is designed to help the Executive Service and the Arlberg army recruit and train people to become "citizen soldiers".