University of Arkonia

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The University of Arkonia is an undergraduate university in Arkonia.


University of Arkonia

Arkonian University Library

The Arkonian University Library is the second-largest library in Arkonia, behind the Library of Arkonia. However, the Arkonian University Library does work in conjunction with the Library of Arkonia.

Library of Law

This library houses all law. This library takes up 8.3 MB of space.

Micronational Section

This section houses law of or relating to micronations. This includes treaties, constitutions, etc.

Arkonian Subsection

This section includes law that relates to Arkonia. Treaties that include Arkonia as a signatory, the Constitution of Arkonia, and Arkonian bills are all included in this section.

Other Micronations Subsection

This section is for all other micronations.

Macronational Section

For non-micronations, mainly to determine "official" law.

International Law Subsection

Mainly treaties and law originating from the United Nations.

National Law Subsection

National Law, mainly of the United States, Arkonia's "home" country.



Each constituent Sutherland university must have a Dean, Principal, Vice Principal, Rector and Provost, though they regulate for themselves how these positions are selected for and what responsibilities or stipulations come with the office (such as not being able to hold another academic office). The offices are collectively referred to as directorial staff.


Since the University of Arkonia is an undergraduate four-year university, there are only two degrees possible:

  • Bachelors Degree
  • Associates Degree

Degrees can be added to the name with a postnominal.


Applicants to the University of Arkonia will have to complete a application form, as well as an in-person interview and aptitude test.


Arkonia follows a grading system much like the system used in Switzerland and Myrotania, and uses a 6-point grading system.

  • 6.0 - perfect (100%)
  • 5.5 - excellent
  • 5.0 - very good
  • 4.5 - good
  • 4.0 - satisfactory
  • 3.5 - sufficient
  • 0.01 to 3.5 - fail
  • 0.0 - disqualified/not entered

Grades are calculated using the following formula: 5*(pointsScored/maxPointsPossible)+1 As an example, a student with an 78% on a test would go through the following formula: 5*(78/100)+1 , which equals a 4.9.