University of Duaktoserija

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University of Duaktoserija
Motto in English Education for Progress!
Established To be established in 2018
Chancellor TBA
President and Vice-Chancellor TBA
Type Public school
Location Virtual and also Peacetown
Colors Green and Blue
Mascot TBA

University of Duaktoserija will be the first educational instution in the micronation. It will be established in 2018. All citizens of Duaktoserija, and also people that are not citizens of Duaktoserija can go in the University. University will have virtual classes and some classes will be held in Peacetown, Duaktoserija capital city.


The university will be for all age.There will be.All students in the university level must learn Maths. Courses available in the university:

  • Story Writting
  • Sports
  • Maths
  • Website making