Politics of the Democratic Environmental Society of Senya

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The current political system of the Democratic Environmental Society of Senya was officially adopted on the 11th May 2011 by President Barnaby Hands. It signifies a change from the long standing backwards constitutional monarchy, which had been in place ever since Senya's foundation.

How it works

The new system adopts a Government. The government is made up of representative's of Political parties. All Citizen's vote in constituencies, whilst all other micronationalists vote on their faverouite parties, of which the two parties with the most votes recive places in government. The leader of the Party with the most representative's in parliament is declared President. In the case two or more parties gain the same number of the seat's, a referendum must be held by the people to decide a president. The president will the form a cabinet.

These elections are held every six months.

Senyavite elections

Senyavite elections decide who will become Senyavite. This person (or animal) will remain Senyavite untill they die. Then candidates can come forward. A vote will be held an candidate with most votes will win.

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