People's Republic of Chelandia

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Coat of arms
'Motto: 'Lunga vita alla Rivoluzione del 9 Gennaio!
Long live che 9th January's Revolution! (English)
Anthem: L'angelo del Proletariato (en:The angel of proletariat)
CapitalRosignano Marittimo
Official languagesItalian, Labronic
Demonym(s)Chelish (Chelese it)
GovernmentCommunist Republic
• President
Samuele Cheli
• Central Committee's President
Diego Cheli
EstablishmentJanuary 9th, 2019
• Census
Total: 6
├Female: 0
└Male: 6
Time zone+1:00
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Republic of Damazia
Emercency Interessantist Republic
This country is a member of UMNI.

People's Republic of Chelandia was a micronation founded by Samuele Cheli with a independence declaration of Chelandia from Damazia.

The micronation became fails officially on 30 April 2019, with the union of three MYCUS countries into Emercency Interessantist Republic.


The origins

Samuele Cheli, born in Cecina (LI), the 5th december 2000, since childhood he was fond of geography and history and often imaginary countries were invented by Cheli.

the Republic of Chelandia was officially born in 2012 for a role-playing game created by Samuele Cheli in middle school. Those were also the years when Samuele Cheli inquired about the micronations, thus began projects for the proclamation of independence of Republic of Chelandia.

The name of Chelandia has it's origin by Samuele Cheli's surname (just, Cheli).

In 2014 was made the first real micronation of Samuele Cheli: Republic of Chelandia. In origin Chelandia was a Grand Duchy, but Marco Cheli, the father of Samuele, wants to be a president.

Republic of Chelandia mades the passport of the micronation and also project for a money. Football Federation was made in 2014.

the micronation, however, lost popularity also for the founder, and the end of the micronation will be announced in 2016. only in 2018, with the birth of the Labronic People's Republic of Rosignano, were officially pubblished informations about Republic of Chelandia.

The flag of Chelandia was a tricolor: Green, White and Blue. Green represent nature, White represent freedom and Blue represent the sea, because Chelandia is a micronation near the sea. At the centre of the flag it was a red writing "CHL", it is the first 3 letters of every fiscal code (in Italy) of a person who have the surname Cheli. That symbol represent the family.

Labronic People's Republic of Rosignano

On December 2017 Samuele Cheli knows TheXanada96, who in january he founded the MYCUS Republic, the first micronation founded by MYCUS Group. In february 2018 Samuele Cheli starts its friendship with Xanada with micronationalism and Samuele founded Labronic People's Republic of Rosignano and the micronation starts to make a role play with TheXanada94 about the Labronic-Valerian War.

At this moment, Samuele Cheli and TheXanada96 founded an immaginary rival micronations and also founded FederMicroIta.

During this times, LPRoR issues money (People's Lira and manages to print banknotes. LPRoR made his first diplomatic relationship with Republic of Schwanensee, Principality of Andany and Republic of Damazia, and the President of LPRoR contacted the head of state of Empire of Austenasia, Estan, and LPRoR recognize that micronations.

LPRoR citizens abbandoned LPRoR to declare independence of its own micronations, and on March 2018 Samuele Cheli proclamed the Union of Labronic People's Republics. LPRoR becames a internal country of ULPR. On 5 May 2018 Samuele Cheli proclamed the fail of ULPR and of all internal countries. The Game Role of the war is also a motivation of fail of the micronation and also the fail of FederMicroITA.

People's Republic of Comvorlistan era

On 5 March 2018 Samuele Cheli proclamed the People's Republic of Comvorlistan, a micronation who occuped territories in Rosignano, Bibbona and Santa Luce.

The word "Comvorlistan" is a word game of "Communist Livorno" (Com- means communism and -vorli- is an anagram of Livor-).

The virtual territories of the former LPRoR becames virtual territories of People's Republic of Rosignano.

Comvorlistan recognized all the micronations recognized during the era of LPRoR, and during this period Samuele Cheli of Comvorlistan founded the Third Intermicronationale and the 5th May was refounded the FederMicroITA Nova.

During this period it was founded also the Messapic Social Republic as the continuation of the Apulian Empire, and Damazia wasn't failed, because Damazia was the only true micronation on that period.

On June 2018 the president of Damazia Gabriele Pasqua founded the MFMF and organize the MFMF World Cup 2019 in Damazia. The comvorlik president Samuele Cheli helped Gabriele Pasqua for organizing the competition.

On August 2018 Samuele Cheli proclamed the fail of Comvorlistan for problems in gesting a micronation.

Chelandia under Damazia's era

On August 2018, Comvorlistan becames territory of Republic of Damazia, for request of the president Samuele Cheli of Comvorlistan.

Damazia becames the leftist micronation of FederMicroITA and the micronation on the next days rapidly becames a big micronation, and arrived at 30 citizens. Damazian government pubblics their constituction on October 2018, and it was applied on 1 January 2019, for the presidential and the parliamentar elections. During this period, Samuele Cheli becames the Minister of Instruction and Propaganda, the Interim Minister of Foreign Affairs, the governant of the Bank, the gestor of Service communication channel (Antenna RAD Damazia) and the main organizator of MFMF World Cup in Damazia.

During this period Samuele Cheli contacted Luca Mirante, the president of Luxe, and Damazia becames in october 2018 a U.M.S. member. Two days ago, FederMicroITA was officially soppressed, and Damazia becames the official micronation of MYCUS Group.

During this time, Comvorlistan was an autonomous region of Damazia, and it changed his name in Chelandia in November 2018.

At the presidential elections of 2019, on 1 January, TheXanada96 becames president of Damazia.

On 2 January Ravex was nomined as the Minister of Economy, and Simone Malia as the Minister of Internal Affairs. Samuele Cheli becames senator of the Senate of the Republic of Damazia.

On 8 January Samuele Cheli officially said the ten micronations who partecipate at MFMF World Cup 2019, but this event comported Alessio Gioia (the former president of Messapic Social Republic) to proclamate the independence of Messapic Empire. It is the first event of the crisis of Damazia.

Chelandia's Independence

Ravex, the Minister of Economy of Damazia, was criticated by Samuele Cheli for his not assigned salaries at the statal works o 9 January 2019.

Ravex attacked Samuele Cheli and accuses him of having received money illegally and being a coup in the pay of Donald Trump.

The Minister of Internal Affairs, Simone Malia, supports Ravex and organize illegally a tribunal on the MYCUS Group official server of Discord.

Guests at the farce court are the President of Damazia, TheXanada96, the King of Caredolci and Zhou, a member of MYCUS's Discord Server who it is not micronationalist.

On this moment, Samuele Cheli lost the tribunal and Samuele, angry, proclamed the independence of the People's Republic of Chelandia, and takes over most of Damazia's assets.

At this moment Damazia losts his role of official micronation of MYCUS Group, and Damazian Lira loses its value six times.

Before independence of Chelandia Damazian Lira value was this: 1€=2000LĐ after the independence: 1€=12000LĐ.

After the independence of Chelandia the Chelira's value becames this: 1€= 5000Č.

On 28 March 2019 Chelandia becames a puppet of Damazia and on 1 August 2019 Chelandia re-becames part of Damazia.

Chelandia on this moment is a country membre of the Unione degli Stati Federati Popolari and Samuele Cheli becames the vice-president and a good friend of the president Lorenzo I of Tawil, the Prince of the Principality of Tawil.

On 3 April 2019 Chelandia de-recognize the Kingdom of Caredolci, and on 4 April 2019 Chelandia enter in war with Damazia against Caredolci.

During the Mycusian Conflict, Samuele Cheli was invited to the Rome Congress of the Micronations. That congress is in Ostia (Italy) in July 2019.

On 30 April 2019 Chelandia signs, with Republic of Damazia and People's Republic of Pomigliano-Labrake the Treaty of Interessantist Defence, and for this, Chelandia, Pomigliano-Labrake and Damazia come together to create an only country: Emercency Interessantist Republic.

Foreign Relationships

People's Republic of Chelandia had good Diplomatic Relationships with: