Slime Room

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S.R. (Slime Room)
Slime Room.pngS.R. War Flag.png

Impetum hostem perterreo per aspera ad astra
(Lavori in corso)
Internet, Discord.
Capital city Slinepa
Largest city Slandia
Official language(s) Slimese (original), italian, english.
Official religion(s) Christian
Short name S.R.
Demonym Slimese (eng:Slimian)
Government Democratic
Legislature Administrations
Established 12 April 2019-23 May 2019
Area claimed Italia
Population X
Currency Euro, Federated Lira, nucleo
Time zone (UTC +1:00)

Slime Room is an italian Discord Server founded on 11 January 2019 by SlimeRock100, and on 12 April 2019 it becomes a micronation, recognized by People's Republic of Chelandia and People's Republic of Tawil.

The server becames a micronation for the Mycusian Conflict.

Meaning of flag

The flag is divided into two states of the S.R. : state of peace and war. The flag, in its peaceful state, has 3 stripes and 2 orange stars: the two green stripes indicate the alliance with the MYCUS Group; while the strip in the center indicates the alliance with Loquendo City. Instead the 2 orange stars indicate the destruction of terrorism and ISIS.

In the flag of war, it has the same meaning, but it also adds the symbol of the sickle and the hammer. It means strength and courage. Below, there is a red ribbon, where the S.R. (Impetum hostem perterreo per aspera ad astra) which means (Shoot down the enemy for your dreams in the sky).


Slime Room becames a micronation on 12 April 2019 and it wins the Mycusian War.

On 23 April 2019 Nazi Italy declares war at the Slime Room and Slime Room was in peace just for a day. It is called Slimian Conflict the one that started, until 27 April 2019, when the war ended with the triumphant Slime Room against Nazi Italy.

On April 30, 2019, the Nazi comander pretends to be TheGuard (the guard of the micronation), managing to attack the Slime Room, causing 5 victims. Furthermore, find this microwiki page of Slime Room and grif it, until Samuele Cheli reports Nazi to the admin of microwiki. From then on he stopped writing and griffing. No word yet on whether the Slimian Conflict is over ... From that day on, he had to face a crisis of popularity, until a 5 May 2019, when population return normal. In May 21, 2019 Slime Room opens the 'Offensive step' against USAE for bullying against MYCUS Group; The offensive consisted in reporting the videos of the USAE, until the closure, as did the USAE at Mycus Group. Meanwhile, on the same day, an election was created on changing the flag and name in Svezila, which could be the future name of this micronation. If this is confirmed, a new script called Slimese will be founded. It is an Italian script but with different characters. In May 23, 2019 micronation change name definitively in Svezila.



The origins began January 11, 2019; suffered some damage since the Mycusian Conflict (from 4 April 2019) began. But since the Slime Room became a micronation (S.R.), allying itself to the MYCUS Group, it obtained much more protection (all this happened on 12 April 2019).