Slime Room

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S.R. (Slime Room)
Slime Room.png
S.R. War Flag.png
Coat of arms
Motto: Impetum hostem perterreo per aspera ad astra
Anthem: (Lavori in corso)
File:Internet, Discord.
Largest citySlandia
Official languagesSlimese (original), italian, english.
Demonym(s)Slimese (eng:Slimian)
Establishment12 April 2019-23 May 2019
• Census
CurrencyEuro, Federated Lira, nucleo
Time zone(UTC +1:00)

Slime Room is an italian Discord Server founded on 11 January 2019 by SlimeRock100, and on 12 April 2019 it becomes a micronation, recognized by People's Republic of Chelandia and People's Republic of Tawil.

Meaning of flag

The flag is divided into two states of the S.R. : state of peace and war. The flag, in its peaceful state, has 3 stripes and 2 orange stars. The 2 orange stars indicate the destruction of terrorism and ISIS.

In the flag of war, it has the same meaning, but it also adds the symbol of the sickle and the hammer. It means strength and courage. Below, there is a red ribbon, where the S.R. (Impetum hostem perterreo per aspera ad astra) which means (Shoot down the enemy for your dreams in the sky).


Slime Room becames a micronation on 12 April 2019

From that day on, he had to face a crisis of popularity, until a 5 May 2019, when population return normal. In May 23, 2019 micronation change name definitively in Svezila.