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Impetum hostem perterreo per aspera ad astra
(Lavori in corso)
Internet, Discord.
Capital citySlinepa
Largest citySlandia
Official language(s)Slimese (original), italian, english.
Official religion(s)Christian
DemonymSlimese (eng:Slimian)
Established23 May 2019
Area claimedPuglia (Italia)
CurrencyEuro, Federated Lira, Nucleo
Time zone(UTC +1:00)

Svezila is an italian Discord Server founded on 11 January 2019 by the user known as SlimeRock100, and on 12 April 2019 it becomes a micronation with the name Slime Room, recognized by People's Republic of Chelandia and People's Republic of Tawil. In 23 May 2019, the micronation changed its name to its current name (Svezila)

Meaning of flag

The flag of Svezila is very similar to the flag of Sweden, but has a different meaning: the yellow cross represents itself and the white area depicts Italy: this means that the micronation is found inside Italy.


Svezila becames a micronation on 12 April 2019.

From that day on, he had to face a crisis of popularity, until a 5 May 2019, when population return normal.

Meanwhile, on the same day, an election was created on changing the flag and name in Svezila, which could be the future name of this micronation. If this is confirmed, a new script called Slimese will be founded. It is an Italian script but with different characters. In May 23, 2019 micronation change name definitively in Svezila.


On June 10, 2019, Svezila returns to life and creates its youtube channel named Svezila Channel. The population has not been reformed as before.