People’s Federative Democratic Unified Republic of Estan

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Democratic Unified State of Estan (DUSE)

Δημοκρατική Ενιαία Πολιτεία του Εστάν (ΔΕΠΕ) (Greek)

Djemokrätn Enigletn Poltetat Estanva (DEPE) (Wolkanian)
ΛΔΕ stamp.png
Coat of arms
Motto: Through Progress, comes Unity
Anthem: Community of the Peoples
CapitalDemocratic Helasia
Largest cityEniapolis
Official languagesGreek, English, Wolkanian, Esperanto
GovernmentSocial-Communist Government
• Head of the Politburo of the State (last)
Hölljej Gkherov
• Minister of Defence and External Policy (last)
Illjiänkha Verjeront
• Minister of Internal Affairs (last)
• Governing Party
Estanian Communist Front
LegislatureDjie Kinliäntat
Establishment11 March 2017
• According to the census of February 2018 census
CurrencyEstanian Litrijan
Time zoneGMT +2

The Democratic Unified State of Estan (DUS Estan) was a micronation in Greece. It was created back in March 2017, from students, as a republic.


In July 13, 2017 a civil war broke out which ended a week later, with the partition of Estan in two parts. The East-Estan (officially The Republic of Estan) and the West-Estan (officially the People's Republic of Estan) were two states with completely different policies and views. Three days after the partition (July 23) West Estan broke all of the diplomatic ties with the People's Republic of Unified Balkans because the latter decided to act in favour of the East Estan. Things changed after the "Estanian Revolution" in September 2017. During these events, the people of East Estan reacted to the period of inactivity their country has fell into and took power. The very next day (September 15, 2017) Estan got reunited under the name "People's Republic of Unified Estan". After a while, Estan falls into a new period of inactivity and the Government resigns. Meanwhile, the Students' Party is founded and takes over for 2 weeks. This is still known as "the takeover". After the takeover, the Parliament was dismissed and a new government was formed, bearing the name "The Students' Politburo". Meanwhile, the Party of the New Soviets gets divided and the Communist Party of Estan is founded. In January 2018, the Party of the New Soviets and the Communist Party of Estan got reunited under the name "Estanian Communist Front" (ECF). Three days after the foundation of the ECF, Progressive Youth and other organisations join in newly-founded Front. In 19 January 2018 a coup takes place in Estan and ECF seizes power, and in 20 January a new government is appointed. The 5-member court agrees with this act and issues a "Decree for the Formation of a New Government". The Decree for the dissolution of the Parliament gets cancelled and the former MPs return to their positions. The New Government was renamed to "The Politburo of the State", and the Republic changed its name to "People's Federative Democratic Unified Republic of Estan". In the last days of February 2018 S. Dör was invited to be the head of the government. In June 30, 2018, a referendum took place in which the citizens of Estan decided the adoption of the current constitution. According to the constitution, Estan is a socialist-communist country. In August 16, 2018, Estan got dissolved, and two new states took its place: Helasia West Khersoland