Estanian Communist Front

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Party of the Estanian Communist Front
Kömtitat jwa Estanjietn Kommjunistn Metünttat
LeaderÖrkha Jurvakharont
Founded14 September 2017
HeadquartersPeople's Avenue, Democratic Helasia
NewspaperThe Modern Communist
Youth wingnone (former Progressive Youth, now dissolved)
Political positionLeft-wing
ColoursRed, gold
Party flag

The Party of the Estanian Communist Front (PECF), or Communist Front as a short, was founded in 2017, one day before the reunification of Estan. The two communist parties (Communist Party of Estan, Party of New Soviets of Estan) came together, under a single name. The party controlled the Kinliäntat having 4 out of 5 seats. It participated in the elections of June 2017 in Estan winning 4 seats out of 5. It openly declared that Estan shall not be a seperatist movement, but an ideological one.