West Khersoland

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Khersoland and Greater Eskea

Ελασιανή Περιοχή της Χερσολάνδης και της Ευρύτερης Εσκέας (Greek)

Helasian Region of Khersoland and Greater Eskea (English)


Capital cityKhersolandja
Largest cityKhersolandia
Official language(s)Greek, English
Official religion(s)State Atheism
Short nameWest Khersoland
GovernmentSocialist Productivist Government
- Regional CommanderD. Fortürov
- Commanders' PartyHelasian Communist Workers' Party
Established30 April 2018
June 21st 2020 (as a part of Helasia)
CurrencyHelasian Drachma (EDR), Euro
Time zoneGMT +2

The Helasian Region of Khersoland and Greater Eskea (also known as West Khersoland or Helasian Kherosland) was established in late April 2018 as a sovereign state (under the name Workers' Republic of Khersoland), after several "demonstrations" by citizens of the now defunct Wolkanian Federation. In June 21st 2020, Helasia and Khersoland merged, and Khersoland became an Administrative Region of the Workers' State of Helasia.