Republic of Damazia

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Republic of Damazia
Damazia Flag.png
Stemma di Damazia.png
Coat of arms
'Motto: 'Gloria a Damazia
Glory to Damazia! (English)

Official languagesItalian, English Esperanto
Demonym(s)Damazian (Damaziano it) (singular),
Damazians (Damaziani it) (plural)
GovernmentParliamentar Republic
• President of Damazia
Gabriele Pasqua
LegislatureSenate of Damazia
Establishment2018 (unofficial), March 29th, 2018 (De facto)
• Census
Total: 17
├Female: 1
└Male: 16
Time zone+1:00
Succeeded by
Emercency Interessantist Republic

The Republic of Damazia (it: Repubblica di Damazia) was an Italian-speaking micronation situated in Italy. The capital city of Damazia is Daria, situated on L'Aquila valley.

Was an official micronation of MYCUS Group until June 2019.


Damazia was founded as Utopian Republic in 2015 located in the south pole.

On 10 November 2017, Gabriele proclaimed himself Prince of the Principality of Damazia until 7th Febrary 2018. Today the capital city, Damaziopoli is in full construction, whose work will be completed by 2019 with the construction of the Dependance. On 7th Febrary 2018, Damazia becames a Presidential Republic, and furthermore, on August 8, 2018, the People's Republic of Comvorlistan, it was self-annexed to Damazia, making it the most powerful, large and populous Micronation of the Federazione delle Micronazioni Italiane.

On August 16–21, 2018 Damazia becames a parliamentary italian-style republic thanks to the reforms.

On 2 November 2018 Mycusian Party of Damazia promoted a referendum for legalize duginism and fusarism, and it win.

On November 2018 Damazia becames the official micronation of the MYCUS Group, and FederMicroITA bacame closed. Republic of Damazia opened formal relationships with Luxe

On 18 November 2018 Republic of Damazia publish on the official website of the MYCUS Group the constituction of the Republic of Damazia.

On 1 January 2019 There are the presidential elections, and TheXanada96 win that election.

Republic of Damazia has working for his money emission and for the organization of MFMF World Cup 2019.

On 2 June TheXanada96 gives up his presidency and Gabriele Pasqua returns to office.


Damazia exercised total sovereignty in Piccola Damazia (Little Damazia, PD) and in all the buildings where citizens live (all of these are territories of Damazia Ulteriore or Damazia Magna). Damazia exercises partial sovereignty on the city of Gignano in Grande Damazia (Great Damazia, GD) and in Pescara, Municipality of Rosignano, Bibbona, Pastina, Bagheria. Damazia execises virtual sovereignty on the territory of Abruzzo, Molise and the province of Foggia Damazia Magna (DM), and in Province of Livorno and part of Province of Pisa.

The regions of Damazia are:

Piccola Damazia: It comprends the city of Damaziopoli. Damaziopoli is just the three most important houses of Gabry GA 2000TM and his family. That city is on the city of Gignano.

Grande Damazia: It comprends The city of Gignano and part of L'Aquila Valley.

Damazia Magna: It comprends Abruzzo, Molise and the province of Foggia, and on that region Damazia doesn't have any control, but just a revendication. Pescara is a city of Abruzzo, and on Pescara Damazia can have got partial sovereignty and on the house of the citizen who he lives in Pescara, we have got a total sovereignty.

Damazia Ulteriore (DU): It comprends all the territories on the rest of Italy.

Damazia Ulteriore - Bagheria (DUB): It comprends territories on the city of Bagheria, on North-west coast of Sicily.


Republic of Damazia wass a Parliamentar Republic and in this, Republic of Damazia has got 5 ministers (Economy Minister, Interior Minister, Foreign Minister, Economy Minister, Minister of Justice and Minister of instruction and propaganda).

The Legislative Power is on the hands of Senato di Damazia, and it has 6 seats.


Republic of Damazia is a country member of Micronational Federation of Mycusian Football (MFMF) and Damazia organize the MFMF World Cup 2019.

The FDGC is his national soccer team.