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Octavian Cullens, or OC Cullens was an alias of Vidhur, who in 2011 attempted to rejoin the micronational community under a pseudonym after the Draco Republic Failure.

Birth and upbringing

Octavian Cullens was born into a Lower-middle class family, and at 2 was diagnosed with ADHD. Later in life, his family suffered through a divorce, though Octavian didn't pay much attention. At the age of 8, Octavian started to lose weight as a serious side effect for Methylphenidate, used to treat ADHD. Later that year, it was revealed Octavian never had ADHD, but instead was diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome.

History in Micronationalism

2 years later, Octavian showed an extreme interest in politics, science, and the paranormal. That same year, Octavian founded a Micronation, currently lost to history. Soon, due to Naivety of young age, his nation dissolved and Octavian gave up Micronationalism.

Founding of Democratic Republic of Avalokiteśvara

IN early December Octavian had gone through many changes related to his personality from his early micronational years, including a conversion to Buddhism. Avalokiteśvara was soon founded.

Denial of citizenship by Exilarchy of Ashoka

Octavian was, as he put it, "lost in the vast sea of confusion". He says he was a micro-nationalist at one point, but gave it all up and "forgets why".

A few years later he returned to micronationalism but had gone through many changes, including a conversion to Buddhism.

After some research, he found the Exilarchy of Ashoka, and sought entry -

A few years back, [ I was under a fake alias], I gave it all up. I forget why we didn't keep very good records.

That was a long time ago. From the time I left it, too now, I went through a religious crisis - I had a few "brushes" with the paranormal - Lucid Dreaming, meditation [I know - not paranormal], Astral projection, even shared dreaming - Atheism, in its current form, couldn't be right. I needed to find something in the middle between Theism and atheism - and I believe what fits me the best was Buddhism. I forgot about Micronationalism - my nation crumbled, my peoples spread out into other nations - and they have forgotten me, also. but alas, I have remembered. Upon being accepted into the nation - I hope to set up the first

Ashokan School of Tibetan Dream Yoga. And hopefully the first school of Zazen. I hope to bring back up a great Dharmic nation - that sadly didn't last on Indian soil."

— Octavian Cullens

Accusations of being Nationia

On December 8, 2011, MicroWiki admin Gordon Freeman banned Octavian Cullens from MicroWiki, declaring him of being the national leader of Nationia. This ban was opposed by Burkland I President Matthew Burklandssen who claims that "such evidence could be easily refuted" and that he was more likely to be National than it was likely that Cullens was National. He also claimed that could "smell Nationia" and, therefore, implied that he does not think it was likely that Cullens was National. He justified this by saying, on Skype, "Also, National usually, if it pretends to be useful he vandalizes quickly afterward and their style, not at all similar." The IP addresses are the same as proxies used by National, which Cullens admitted he used.

In the talk page exchange later had between the two users, Fish pointed out that the odds of Cullens coincidentally using the same proxy server as National are negligibly small and close to impossible. He also pointed out that the very first edits of the first user account were to remove information from the Nationia page and post a message on the talk page questioning the usefulness of the article[1][2] only a few days after another surge of Nationia puppets vandalised the article.[3][4][5] In addition, as pointed out by Jeremy Oakes and Gordon Freeman of the wiki, the MicroWiki Blocking Policy explicitly prohibits the creation of multiple accounts as well as the use of anonymous proxy servers.