OAM Meteorological Office

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Logo of the Organisation of Active Micronations.

The Organisation of Active Micronations Metereological Office, also known as the OAMMO, was a former agency of the Organisation of Active Micronations that dealt with meteorological matters of OAM member nations. Established on July 13, 2010, it was headed by James Wilary and, following inactivity, was closed on December 29, 2010. Prior to its disestablishment, James Wilary appointed Parker I to collect data and assist in activity.


The OAMMO was tasked by Resolution 70, passed by the OAM in July 2010, for:

  • Keeping records of member nations’ meteorological information & activity
  • Setting voluntary micronational standards of weather observation
  • Making long-term forecasts, trends and other data & predictions based on data available, and publishing these to relevant online resources
  • Encouraging & promoting micronational meteorological activities

Programmes & Achievements

Long-term forecasting

One of the OAMMO's main tasks is to make long term predictions of weather trends, based on available data for specific areas. All data is recorded and members of the agency are tasked with formulating these forecasts.

Data collection

A number of member nations supply weather data to the OAMMO that they have collected themselves, such as the A1WB supplying rainfall data on a weekly basis. This is mainly to assist with long-term forecasting.