List of micronations by economic system

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This is a list categorizing micronations by economic system (e.g. Capitalism).

Market economy

Capitalist economy

Micronation Since Notes
2022 Concordian Flag.png Concordian Republic 30 June 2021 Government owns large shares in multiple companies, including some that receive public funding.
Libernesia Flag.svg Libernesia July 20, 2022 Laissez-faire capitalism
Neeburm Flag.png Republic of Neeburm October 29, 2021
The Republic Of Xennistra 14 October 2021 Main income is from government set projects that receive donations and tourist attractions
The Sticklands 17 November 1905 5 Major companies dominate The Sticklands Economy: Jim Stickley's Bargain Mart, Trans-Oil, Mobico, National Electric, and Graphite Motors
Federal Republic of Grebna And Vonerebna.png Federal Republic of Grebna And Vonerebna 15 May 2021 Main income is Farming
 Kohlandia 30 August 2019  
Luxeflag.svg Democratic Republic of Luxe 2014 Elec, Banca di Luxe
Meytallia-National-Flag- correct-specs .svg Republic of Meytallia 8 October 2016 Freedom of business is enshrined in the constitution and is also apart of the government structure as a whole.
Slitronia Flag.svg Great Kingdom of Slitronia 11 April 2020
Terrerité Flag.png Kingdom of Terrerité 6 February 2021 Main Income from the Terrerité Tobacco Company
Kingdom of Arlandica 2 September 2021
Flag of the CRE (official).png Constitutional Republic of Eintrachtia 30 May 2017 Free market established, national investments in various areas such as trading and crypto currency.
The Micronational Empire of Thebes 19 June 2019 Freedom is established in the constitution
Kingdom of Wellmoore 14 March 2020 Economy Being Established
Federation of the Seven Towers 27 March 2022 Free-Market capitalism with strong government supervision.
Fortistan Flag Proposal.png Republic of Fortistan Some time in 2021 Free marketplace established. Fortistan invests in trading, agriculture, and more.
Leprechian Flag.jpg Kingdom of the Union of Leprechia June 2022 The LEP developed a google sheets program that simulates a real economy.

While it was planned for a socialist economy, there was no tax.

Breve Empire Flag.png Breve Empire September 2022 Corporations operate without government influence, but state investment is common.

Social capitalist market economy

Micronation Since Notes
Alsann Republic Alsann Republic 8 November 2022 Alsann’s variant of social market economy, federal market socialism, was enacted officially on 8 November by Executive Order 7.
Impy flag.svg Impy 7 May 2020 N/A

Planned economy

Socialist economy

Main article: Socialist economy

Micronation Since Notes
People's Banner of the Arstotzkan Union.png Arstotzkan Union 15 October 2020 Previously Democratic Communist, became Democratic Socialist on 15 October 2020
Flag of Paloma (2020 Redesign).svg Paloma 20 November 2019 Transition to a marxist–leninist state on 20 November 2019.

Democratic planned economy

Micronation Since Notes
Bartonian Eco Flag.jpg Bartonia 31 May 2020 Democratic planned economy established after the first elections by the Head of State.
Calcont.png Calcon March 2022 Calcon has an Autocrat who hears feedback about decisions to make a planned economy work more fairly for all
Kamenrus March 2019


Socialist market economy

Micronation Since Notes
Flag of Ponderosa Hills.svg Ponderosa Hills 1 June 2019 2nd socialist state established on 1 June 2019
 Princia July 2020 See Filorux Group and Economy of Princia
Flag of the Second German Empire new.png Cosminian Empire 19 June 2021 Socialist market economy, like the modern german ecomony.

Mixed economy

Definition: Mixed Economy

Micronation Since Notes
Flag of Union of North American Micronations.svg Union of North American Micronations 17 April 2022
Renewed.jpg Free State of Bagradoria 30 December 2022 Free market, Community-based economics