Republic of Fortistan

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Republic of Fortistan
Respublica Fortistan
Flag of Republic of Fortistan
Coat of arms of Republic of Fortistan
Coat of arms
Motto: "Glory to Fortistan!"
Anthem: "Save Our Mighty Land"
Largest cityAdamsburg
Other languagesEnglish and Latin
• President
Jason Simon (IGN: That_Amigo, That Amigo)
• Presidential Assistant
Leo (real name will not be given due to privacy)
Establishment30 May 2022
• Total
0.3 sq mi (0.78 km2)
Membership14 humans, 4 dogs
Time zoneUTC-6 (CST)

Fortistan, or the Republic of Fortistan, is a American micronation landlocked within southeast Texas. It originally was known as the Republic of Swagtopia, founded by Jason Simon, who is now the current president ever since the transition from Swagtopia to Fortistan. It consists of 3 provinces: Viridia, New Swagtopia, and Domun.


The Republic of Fortistan first began as Swagtopia in mid-late 2021, which will be referred to as Old Fortistan. It was ruled by the same president as current Fortistan and was situated near the middle of the president's school playground. It fought 2 wars, of which 1 was a victory, as the other was a stalemate.

Government & Economy

The Republic of Fortistan has a democratic government, consisting of a President, Presidential-Assistant (a.k.a. Vice President), an elected council, and the people. Each presidential-term lasts 1 month, and candidates can be president up to 2 terms in a row.

The Fortish government has established a free-market system, and currently is willing to export vegetation, Nerf guns and more to any neighboring micronations, as long as they are not hostile to Fortistan.

Relations with Micronational Politics

The Republic of Fortistan currently has no political allies nor enemies, as well as not being known by a large majority of political entities. The government is focusing on changing this, and establishing themselves as a micronational power.