Faltrian Subdivisions and Territories

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Faltree has a numerous amount of counties and territories. They are listed below.


Faltree is comprised out of a large amount of counties.

Newhavre.png New Havre

New Havre is officially a county and the capital of Faltree. It has a population of two. New Havre was established in 2020, as Faltree needed a new capital. The name of New Havre comes from Havre, Montana.

Union of Mountain States Yaak Flag.png Yaak

Yaak is the most populous county in Faltree with a population of 5. It is the oldest continually active county in Faltree.

UMSBoche.png Bosche

Bosche is the second oldest county in Faltree. The name of Bosche is an alternative spelling of the slang word for Germans, Boche.

Forsyth.png New Forsyth

New Forsyth is a county in Faltree. It is named after the Montanan city of Forsyth. Mint is associated with New Forsyth due to the flag.

Bigcoulee.png Big Coulee

Big Coulee is a county in Faltree. It is named for the fact that it is a Big Coulee.

Oakflag.png Oak

Oak is a county in Faltree bordering the US state of Connecticut. Once a part of Canvia, it is one of two counties that were annexed into Faltree in June of 2021.

TughillFaltree.png Tug Hill

Tug Hill is a county in Faltree bordering the US state of New York. Once a part of Canvia, it is one of two counties that were annexed into Faltree in June of 2021.


Faltree has multiple governed territories.

Parkway2.png Parkway Territory

Parkway Territory was established by the State of Falletree in 2020 during Operation Seebrecher. The flag of the territory was decided by an official poll.

Tueoeodethan.png Faltrian-Tueoedeth

Faltrian-Tueoedeth is a territory of Faltree that was created as apart of Faltrian relations with the Republic of Tueoedeth. The territory is under the protection of the Tueoedethian Armed Forces. No one lives in the territory.

Seawallfaltree.png Faltrian Coastal Territory

Faltrian Coastal Territory is a territory of Faltree that is located in the former Aleunnic Empire. It borders Providence Rock and territory of Reunited Ocean States.

Speerterritory.png Speer Territory

Speer Territory was established by Faltree. It is named after Albert Speer. Speer Territory has the highest point in all of Faltree.

Faltrianbunkers.png Jamestown Territory

Jamestown Territory is an area of land claimed by Faltree in Jamestown. Faltree claims the bunkers of the defunct Fort Getty.

Special Zones

Faltree has military zones under its' control that are under the official jurisdiction of the military.

Faltree2021.png Faltrian Dam Zone

The Faltrian Dam Zone is an occupied military zone under the control of Faltree. It contains multiple water regulating structures and mainly a dam.

Formerly governed

Faltree has had subdivisions and territories that are no longer governed.

Union of Mountain States Eureka Flag.png New Eureka

New Eureka was a county of Faltree, and formerly contained the capital of Faltree.

Uomsfaltree.png Faltree Territory

Faltree Territory was formerly governed by Faltree, and was the namesake of the micronation itself.