Dale Commonwealth (political union)

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Dale Commonwealth
Coat of arms
Motto: Anything for the future peace

Location of Dale Commonwealth members shown in green.
and largest city
Woking City
Official languagesEnglish (Official)
• President
Danny Clarke
LegislatureCommonwealth Assembly
Establishment19 November 2011
• Census
CurrencyDale Republic Pound
Time zoneUTC±0
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Woking Cooperative Union

The Dale Commonwealth is a intermicronational organization made up of highly autonomous internationally based micronations and the Dale Commonwealth is made up of pro-dale states. The Dale Republic is recognised as a leading and highly influencial member of the Dale Commonwealth.

Memeber states of the Dale Commonwealth work and cooperate as set in the Dale Commonwealth Agreement. These include military and economic intergration, the promotion of their government normally democracy, liberty for all, multilateralism, multiculturalism and the promotion of development of intermicronational relations with the intentions of peaceful co-existence.

The Dale Commonwealth was replaced with the Woking Cooperative Union on April 2, 2012.



The Dale Commonwealth was the idea of President Danny Clarke of the Dale Republic as a way to create a community of pro-dale states willing to relinquish tiny amounts of internal governence to the Commonwealth Assembly and intergrate their military and economics with that of the Dale Armed Forces and Dale Republic Pound and Dale Central Bank. The idea was propossed to the members of the Inter-Micronational Treaty Organization and had interest in the idea was apparent very quickly, espacially from Westsylvania and Kinsovea.


Secretary-General of the Dale Commonwealth

The President of the Dale Commonwealth is an unelected head of the Dale Commonwealth who gains the position after being elected as president of the Dale Republic. The President of the Dale Commonwealth is same person as the elected President of the Dale Republic and the first President of the Dale Commonwealth was Danny Clarke.

Commonwealth Assembly

The Commonwealth Assembly is the legislature of the Dale Commonwealth is controlled from. It is filled by the heads of government or states of each member state (listed below). The Commonwealth Assembly has influencial powers over all Dale Commonwealth states and is accepted to be a fair and equal legislature. Due of the distances that would separate members of the Dale Commonwealth, the Commonwealth Assembly there for is based on a online forum.

Member States


Country Joined Continent Population Notes
Dale Republic 19 November 2011 Europe 14 Founder of the Dale Commonwealth.

Applicants or Interested States

Country Status Continent Population Notes

Suspended members

Country Joined Continent Population Notes Suspension begins Suspension ends
Westsylvania 31 December 2011 North America 3 2 April 2012 Suspension transfers to Woking Cooperative Union


Military Intergration

As part of the Dale Commonwealth Agreement all new member states must intergrate their main armed forces into the Dale Armed Forces with government defence forces and police forces being an exception as they remain under full control of the members states and not the Dale Armed Forces. One major change to the Dale Armed Forces because of the Dale Commonwealth is the reintroduction of the Dale Navy as part of the Dale Armed Forces because of these new members having navies unlike the Dale Republic.

Dale Navy

When Westsylvania declared that they intended to join the Dale Commonwealth the idea of reinstating the Dale Navy was brought up by commander-in-cheif, Danny Clarke. This was because the Dale Republic had not had a navy since the political transition from the Kingdom of the Dale Empire to the Dale Republic ment the end of the Royal Dale Navy, and Westsylvania having a navy, even if it was made up of a single vessel made the consideration of the Dale Navy.

Economic Intergration

Another arrangement found in as part of the Dale Commonwealth Agreement is the economic intergration and the introduction of the Dale Republic Pound for all member states. The aim of the economic intergration is to increase and develop economic abilities of the Dale economy and all other members and visa versa. A exception to some autonomy avaliable economiclly is in the creation of overseas branches of the Dale Central Bank.

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