Dale Central Bank

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Dale Central Bank
We're central for a reason
Logo of DCB
Logo of DCB
Headquarters Woking City, Dale Republic
Established 2011
President Danny Clarke
Central bank of Dale Republic
Currency Dale Republic Pound
Preceded by National Bank of the Dale Empire

The Dale Central Bank is the second and only bank of the Dale Republic replacing the the former National Bank of the Dale Republic which controls the usage of the official dale currency, the Dale Empire Pound within the territorial borders of the Dale Republic. The bank was nationalised and was therfore run by the Dale Assembly and mainly the Dale President, however this changed on the 17th October 2011 when Danny Clarke took full control over the Dale Central Bank and the printing of the Dale Empire Pound.


The DRPzone, originally called the Dalezone was fully implamented idea by the president of the Dale Central Bank, Danny Clarke and is a currency union based around the Dale Republic Pound. The idea became a reality on April 2, 2012 as the DRPzone.

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