Administrative divisions of Cheslovia

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Cheslovian Federation

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Politics and government of
the Cheslovian Federation


The Cheslovian Federation is a nation comprised primarily of Krai's, Okrug's and Republic's. However, Republics are further divided into Rayon's, and subdivision where specific legislation can apply, however Terteria is unusually divided into Sectors, the purpose for this is unknown, however the governor of Terteria demanded this. Krai's are (in certain circumstances) divided into Uulus's (in Vladislavia), Koshuun's (in Slavinia) and Polk's (in Kirov), these subdivisions of the Krai's do not affect legislation in those areas, they are used as geographic reference points, with the exception of Kirov, which uses them merely for cultural purposes. Collectives are used in areas far away from the mainland of Cheslovia, normally if a group of at least two territories are next to each other, they constitute the formation of a Collective. Collectives do not have any influence in legislation, but are used simply as a collective name for an area, for example, Stettin, Karak, New Izkaria and Uzkavistan are collectively known as New Cheslovia.