Republic (Cheslovia)

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A Republic is a type of Cheslovian subdivision, they are areas of full control of Chelovia and are owned by Cheslovian citizens. They are governmed by a governor and have a large amount of autonomy from the Federal government. They cannot declare independece from Cheslovia and must follow federal laws, acts and policies, however, they can create their own laws and also they can create specific laws for specific area of the Republic. Republics are divided further into "Rayons", there can be any number of Rayons in a Republic depending on where specific laws are wanted. Rayons are not given a governor nor are they govrned by the federal government, they are governemnt directly by the Republics Parliament. In mainland Cheslovia, the Parliament of a Republic, most notably Transylvakia and Estovakia, have their parliamentlegaly apart of the city they are surrounded by (Musorov), however they cannot claim Musorov as their capital, as it is not located entirely inside the Republic, thus the Parliament (legally said to be part of both the Cheslovian city they are in (if applicable) and the Republic) was created. A mainland Republics capital will read as "Musorov, Transylvakia Parliament" etc. Republics are also a form of Russian subdivision.


Republics were introduced on 1 November 2008 when the Principality of Kaznia reformed into the Cheslovian Federation.