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Bashkira Krai
(Cheslovian)Башкира Краи
(Russian)Башкира Край
(Bashkirian)Башкирй Рейк
Bashkira.png Bashkiracoa.png
Location of Bashkira Krai
Capital Isevolod
Official language(s) English, Cheslovian, Russian, Bashkirian (co-official)
Leader Cheslovian Federal government

Bashkira is a Krai located in south western Cheslovia. It is home to the historical city of Isevolod. Bashkira and Isevolod were known during the years 2007 and 2008 for a ghost sighting between the city of Isevolod and the village of Tagil, the sigting created one of the Krai's most famous (among Cheslovians) landmarks called "Klaiduoklis Corner", the word Klaiduoklis is derived from the Lithuanian word "Vaiduoklis" meaning ghost.