Cheslovian Krai

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A Krai is a type of Cheslovian subdivision, Krais are almost always large areas of land with little or no control over, these areas are essentially only claims of Cheslovia and the Cheslovian government has no sovereignty over these lands.


The Krais were first introduced on 1 November 2008 when the Principality of Kaznia reformed into the Cheslovian Federation. Krais are not given specific governors, but instead they are controlled by the federal government.


There are two ways of pronouncing the word Krai, these are "Cry" and "Krae". The word originates from Russian meaning "territory", and Russians will always pronounce it as "Cry", Cheslovians however will mostly pronounced it "Krae" but do sometimes pronounce it as "Cry".

Krais in Russia

There are 9 Krais in the Russian Federation. They have no legal differences from "Oblasts", another form of subdivision. Originally a Krai in Russia (specifically Imperial Russia) was a vast amount of land on the border of Russia.