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Kosovaria Krai
(Cheslovian)Косоварийа Краи
(Russian)Косовария Край
(Kosovarian)Кәзожниһ Дәглог
Kosovaria.png Kosovariacoa.png
Location of Kosovaria Krai
Capital Tallinsk
Official language(s) English, Cheslovian, Russian, Kosovarian (co-official)
Leader Cheslovian Federal government

Kosovaria is a Cheslovian Krai located in the Northern District of Cheslovia. The territory was annexed by Cheslovia during the time of the Principality of Kaznia; as the principality began to expand northward, it first annexed Kosovaria. After the Cheslovian Reforms of November 2008, the Cheslovian Federal Government transformed Kosovaria into a Krai.