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Muskovia Krai
(Cheslovian)Мусковийа Краи
(Russian)Мусковиский Край
(Muskovian) Мусковíѣ Краѱе
Muskovia.png Muskoviacoa.png
Location of Muskovia Krai
Capital Vyacheslav
Official language(s) English, Cheslovian, Russian, Muskovian (co-official)
Leader Cheslovian Federal government

Muskovia is a Krai located in Nothern Cheslovia, it borders Mostar, Tamir, Kosovaria and Soligorsk. According to the Federal government, the intended culture of this Krai was meant to reflect the cuture of the Russian Empire (this can be seen in the flag and the language).


Cheslovians first looked towards Muskovia during late 2007, when the Princiaplity of Kaznia was rapidly expanding towards the north and east. When it was first annexed by the Principality of Kaznia it was known as the "Region of Muskovia". On a second note, duing the Kaznian Federation of 2006, the federal government annexed huge areas of land, what is Muskovia today was apart of the State of "Bolko".


To the south of the Krai are the Tallimaa and Volgov rivers and in the east of the Krai is the Kebek river, which briefly passes out of Cheslovia itself and then back into the nation through Mostar. The two main plains of the Krai include the Taraz plains in the east and the Ishimov plains in the west. The Krai's capital is the city of Vyacheslav, a river port city located on the banks of the river Tallimaa, the city is known for its old victorian appearance.

A view of the Taraz Plains from the northeast