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Beslau Krai
(Cheslovian)Беслау Краи
(Russian)Беслауский Край
(Kovnik)Беслау Заубиинст
(Braknik)Беслауински Кра'а
Beslau.png Beslaucoa.png
Location of Beslau Krai
Capital Kirova
Official language(s) English, Cheslovian, Russian, Braknik (co-official), Kovnik (co-official)
Leader Cheslovian Federal government

Beslau is the northern most territory of Cheslovia and is the only Krai not to be connected to the Cheslovian mainland. The territory is also the smallest Krai in Cheslovia.


Beslau was part of Cheslovian since the founding of the nation in 2003. However, at certain points in Cheslovian history, during the Kaznian Empire, Beslau was divided into many other subdivisions, like the Ivener Region, West Region, etc. After the Kaznian Rebirth and during the Principality of Kaznia, Beslau was the first province to be annexed. After the only remaining citizen in Beslau passed away, the territory soon fell into disuse, but the government still laid claim to the land. After the reform that took place on 1 November 2008, the Cheslovian federal government decided to keep Beslau, but only as a Krai.


During the existence of the Principality of Kaznia, Beslau was seen as the jewel of the nation and was the most sovereign area of the country. The King of the Principality had his coronation held in Beslau and on that day the "Coronation Monument" was built. It was a red brick pillar with a cylindrical top and a metal eagle. As well as the Coronation Monument, there was also the "Patriot Monument", which was a white and silver pillar.


Beslau has had many unexplained incidents, many are connected with UFOs that were seen in the sky, ghosts that were seen inside the main building of Kirova and also strange noises that occurred in the north and far west of the region. But all research pertaining to these incidents have been since abandoned.