Kaznian Rebirth

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The Kaznian Rebirth (also known as The Kaznian Renaissance), occured on 15 February 2007, and was a time when Kaznia tried to forget its past and to embrace a new path. The Kaznian Rebirth occurred because of the demise of the important Kaznian Federation (of late 2006) and its predecessor the Second Order (also known as the Second Kaznian Empire, of mid-late 2006). With the collapse of these important past form of Kaznia, the government of Kaznia found its self in too much bureaucracy, and decided to "restart" the nation and form a new Kaznia.

The Kaznian Revolution that occurred in July 2008, was a time when the government of the Principality of Kaznia decided to embrace it history and to populate the archives with old documents once again.