Socialist Party of Stettin

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Socialist Party of Stettin
Party nameSocialist Party of Stettin (SPS)
LeaderIgon Dzyozhov
Established14th April 2009
IdeologySocialism, Liberalism, Pro-EU
Political positionCentre-left
ColoursDark red, white

The Socialist Party of Stettin (SPS) is a Cheslovian socialist party founded initialy for the 90 Day Merger Deal. After the deal was disposed of, the party continued to exist and is now one of two parties in the Cheslovian government. Although the party keeps its historical name, the party is not exclusive to Stettin only, but rather the whole of Cheslovia.


Stettin 90 Day Membership in the USMR

During the talks between the USMR and Cheslovian Federation held from 11–14 April 2009 regarding Camuria, Cheslovia had proposed a brief merger between the USMR and Cheslovia. The USMR initially welcomed the idea, however suggested that submitting one Republic would be better as the Cheslovian Federation would not be completely absorbed. The joining of Stettin into the USMR is expected to be on the 15th April 2009.

Stettin needed a socialist party in order to join the USMR. Thus the SPS was created forthat purpose. Stettin will be an "Autonomous Socialist Republic" in the USMR for 90 days, after which it will return to the Cheslovian Federation. This brief membership of Stettin to the USMR is to see whether or not the people of Stettin liked their time in the USMR, they will then report to the Federal government and report on their time spent under USMR control.

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