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President of the Cheslovian Federation
Президент Чесловискаи Ведерацийа
Above: The Presidential flag of Cheslovia
Formed: 1 November 2008
Term length: 1 Year
Inaugural holder: Otar Kalev
Cheslovian Federation

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The President of Cheslovia (Cheslovian: Президент Чесловискийа, Prezident Tszesloviya) is considered the highest governmental position in the Cheslovian Federal government, matched in power only by the Prime Minister, however the President hold slightly more power than the Prime Minister. A Cheslovian President may be apart of a political party or they can be independent, meaning that they are not apart of any political party. A President and Prime Minister governing Cheslovia together do not necessarily have to come from the same political party, if this is the situation, which ever party the President is from, is the leading party.

Main purpose

The President has the duties of conducting internal and external affairs (unlike the Prime Minister who only conducts internal affairs). Upon becoming President of Cheslovia, the President must swear to serve the Cheslovian people, protect and defend Europe (which is seen as "the mother continent") and protect the interests of the Baltian Sector while conducting affairs with non-Baltian nations.

There is no limit to how many times a person can be a President of Cheslovia.

Qualifications for office

There are only two requirements to become a President in Cheslovia

  • Have Cheslovian citizenship, which has been held for over one year (this qualification was suspended in 2009 due to many new citizens joining Cheslovia, however it will resume after the 2009 Elections),
  • Have a generally clean criminal record both in Cheslovia and the macronation the applicant is from

End of Presidency

The following qualifies for a Presidents end of term:

  • Time of Presidency expires,
  • Death,
  • Voluntary dismissal,
  • Permanent inability, due to serious illness,
  • Nation wide demand for the president to step down from office

List of Presidents of Cheslovia

List of Presidents of Cheslovia
Name Term start Term end Notes
1 Urosh Dushanov 1 November 2008 1 November 2009 Founded Cheslovia (as Amtin) on 11 March 2003, reformed the nation many times, finally reformed the nation into the Cheslovian Federation and became its first President. Longest serving leader ever of Cheslovia, ruling from 2003 - 2009 with only some others temporarily taking office of leader in that time period. He now serves as the Deputy Minister of Justice.
2 Otar Kalev 1 November 2009 6 March 2010 First ever leader in Cheslovia to be democratically elected. Also the first to voluntarily resign.
3 Yeshmiyek Dukovar 6 March 2010 1 November 2010 Known amongst Cheslovian citizens as almost completely incompetent.
4 Urosh Dushanov 1 November 2010 Ongoing -

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