Otar Kalev

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Otar Kalev
Отăр Калев
2nd President of the Cheslovian Federation
Assumed Office:1 November 2009 — 6 March 2010
Preceded by: Urosh Dushanov
Succeded by: Yeshmiyek Dukovar
Personal information
Name: Otar Kalev (Kaznian name)
Nationality: Cheslovian, British, EU
Date of birth 3 September 1937 (1937-09-03) (age 86)
Birth place: Oxford, England, UK
Political party: Peoples' Communist Party of Cheslovia
Religion: Roman Catholic

Otar Kalev (Russian: Отар Калев, Cheslovian: Отăр Калев) is the former President of the Cheslovian Federation. He came to power during November 2009, during the government elections. Having convinced the governors of several Republics that autonomy was beneficial he quickly gained favour among powerful Cheslovian politicians. Contrarty to popular belief, his policy of "Autonomy for Republics" forbides the secessions of any Republic in Cheslovia but does allow a slightly less centralised government.

Outside micronational business

Although he is retired from any macronational work, Otar Kalev volunteers to help at the local hospital. Otar Kalev resides in Terteria, a Republic which almost borders Transylvakia.