Equality Movement (Cheslovia)

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The Equality Movement (also known as "The Movement") is a political pressure group with the objective of changing the Cheslovian law which dictates how long a Cheslovian citizen can be President. The Movement is demanding that the time limit for each President be change from one year (annually) to one month (monthly). The Movement was formed on 25 November 2009 by members of the Social Industrialists, United Cheslovia, and Socialist Party of Stettin, as well as other Cheslovian citizens who may not be in a government orientated occupation. The leader of the Equality Movement is Vladimir Turkov, Minister of Foreign Affairs. The issue was raised when citizens began to question the fairness of rule in Cheslovia, as many thought that they may not ever get a chance to hold the office of President in the country. Vladimir Turkov, sympathized with these people but outlined that they needed to meet certain standards to be President, meaning that some citizens of Cheslovia may never be allowed into office of President.

Currently, President Otar Kalev, has entered into formal talks with the group and has said that "he and his party is interested in their proposition". Considering that Otar Kalev is retired outside micronational business, this has also raised some issues, some people (excluding President Otar Kalev) believe that he should be able to have a less stressful job, President Kalev disagrees with these people stating that he entered the 2009 Cheslovian elections to win, not to give up power shortly after.

Kaznian Empire nostalgia

In an informal meeting with Urosh Dushanov, Vladimir Turkov mentioned that his missed the days of the Kaznian Empire, even though he was not a citizen of the Kaznian Empire at the time. He stated that if the laws where changed to the favour of The Movement, and he became President, he would reinstate a new Kaznian Empire. This view was opposed by Urosh Dushanov and said that the empire was the past, the current Cheslovian Federation is far more advanced, in many ways, to the empire. Turkov, who is a member of the Social Industrialists, had surprised the party after the statement was announced to them, he risked expulsion from the party due to his supporting of the old, aggressive, undemocratic Empire of Kaznia.