Foreign relations of Cheslovia

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Cheslovian Federation

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The Cheslovian Federation maintains relations with thirteen micronations, and a recognises a further nine micronations, the remaining nine micronations either mutually recognise Cheslovia and do not maintain frequent relations, or Cheslovia recognises these micronations with the recognition of theat micronation in return.

History of affairs

During the Kaznian Empire the only micronation in which Cheslovia maintained relations with were the Old known micronations, such as Chivaliers, Zagoria and The Clan. These relations were constantly tense as Kaznia was quickly recognised as a super power among the old known micronations and began to exploit its neighbouring micronations.

Current affairs

Since the Kaznian Renaissance, Cheslovia had abandoned its hostile foreign policy, and replaced with a more passive one, this had completed the Kaznian rebirth by eliminating the "Imperial Kaznian Personallity" that remained long after the collapse of the Kaznian Empire.

Relations with micronations

The Republic of Molossia

The Republic of Molossia was the first micronation to be contacted after the Kaznian Rebirth, it was also the first micronation to be discovered which was not an "old known micronation". At times, Molossia acted as a "mentor" to Cheslovia, and gradually, Cheslovia began to learn how to act as a more professional micronation. Currently, relations remain generally good, however due to domestic issues, Cheslovia has not been in contact with Molossia for a long while.

The Kingdom of Fristehen

The Kingdom of Fristehen is a strong ally of Cheslovia and was a co-founder of the NAFM. Since relations were initiated the both governments found that they shared many similarities both in micronational terms and personal terms, such as having German ancestory and a liking for Europe. Currently, relations remain generally good, however due to domestic issues, Cheslovia has not been in contact with Fristehen for a long while.

The Republic of Gemnoviag

The Republic of Gemnoviag and Cheslovia initially had a good beginning relationship, however, since the Gemnoviag depature from NAFM, and a statement they issued to a rival organisation, relations have, since then remained cold.

The Commonwealth Republic of Avalon

The Commonwealth Republic of Avalon has had a good relationship with Cheslovia, and have recently contacted Cheslovia regarding the activity in the NAFM.

The Kingdom of Rouxan

The Kingdom of Rouxan initiated relations with Cheslovia by asking for help to form a "Supranational Federation of Nations", the project remained vague, and since the end of 2008, Cheslovia has had no contact from Rouxan.

The Nation of Sweet

The Nation of Sweet has had a quiet relation with Cheslovia, contact was made only one, to sign a treaty of mutual recognition. Since then, both nations have not contacted one another.

The Principality of Cakeland

The Princiaplity of Cakeland has had very strong relations with Cheslovia, being in the ranks among the USMR, Molossia and Fristehen. Cakeland and Cheslovia joined forces along with Bzan to combat Licentia, since then all three nations have remained close friends, however, Cakeland has not contacted Cheslovia for a long while.

The Principality of Malokaz

Malokaz an Cheslovia have a unique relationship compared to other recognised nations by Cheslovia. They are both in Baltia, share a similar culture, have the same ethnicity and is ruled by Artur Voyislav, the former ruler of Zagoria a fellow old known micronation. Both nations have signed many agreements and created two main organisations: the Baltian Economic Cooperation Agreement and the Baltian Collective Security Alliance.

The Kingdom of TwoChairs

The Kingdom of TwoChairs has, like Sweet, had a quiet relation with Cheslovia, having only signed a treaty of recognition. They have not contacted Cheslovia since.

The Grand Duchy of Flandrensis

The Grand Duchy of Flandrensis had engaged in relations with Cheslovia since early 2009, they have had support from Cheslovia in the Siple War, and because of this, CHeslovia and Flandrensis have has good relations.

The Republic of Petorio

The Republic of Petorio is a new nations to engage in relations with Cheslovia, however the Cheslovian government is keen to maintain good relatins with Petorio. Currently, relations remain generally good, however due to domestic issues, Cheslovia has not been in contact with Petorio for a long while.

The Kingdom of Camuria

The Kingdom of Camuria, a fellow micronation of the British Isles began with progressive talks. However these goodrelations were soon shattered during the Camurian War in which Cheslovia supported the Empire of New Europe and believed USMR claims of Camuria being a "fake" nation. Since then Cheslovia has not changed their recognition of Camuria, and still recognises them to this day.


The USMR dissolved in mid 2009, and all relations were inherited by Erusia, however, although Cheslovia recognises Erusia, it also still recognises the former USMR nations. Erusia has had good relations with Cheslovia because of Cheslovian support during the Bzan War of Independence.

Marxist People's Republic of Burkland

Relations with Burkland began on 30 March 2012 and is the first micronation to be recognised by Cheslovia in three years. The relations where initiated by the government of Burkland when the Cheslovian government renewed its online presence after being inactive on the internet for three years.

International participation

Cheslovia actively takes part in the BCSA and the BECA, Cheslovia was once an innovative and active member of NAFM until members began to become inactive on the NAFM forums.