Kingdom of TwoChairs

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Kingdom of TwoChairs
Cenedl Cryf â Dwy Gadair
Official language(s) English
Toki Pona
Capital Cadair Cyntaf
Date founded 6/10/2007
Number of citizens 25
Number of active citizens 10-15
Government Constitutional Monarchy
Current leader
National animal Dog

The Kingdom of TwoChairs (often commonly refered to as just TwoChairs), is a micronation landlocked by Wales, UK. The nation was founded in 2007. The country is governed by the National Council.

The independence of TwoChairs from the United Kingdom has not yet been disputed. The Tchairian people consider the country separate from the UK as a sovereign nation in it's own right. The Montevideo Convention states that:

"The state as a person of international law should possess the following qualifications: (a) a permanent population; (b) a defined territory; (c) government; and (d) capacity to enter into relations with the other states."

Tchairian people believe that the micronation fulfill these requirements.


The Dwy Gadair

The Two Chairs of TwoChairs are important to the Tchairians*. They symbolise the entire wealth of the nation. Tchairians have great pride in their nation and are usually very friendly with the King and Chancellor.

The Dwy Gadair are two Chairs positioned at angles to each other. The Cadair Cyntaf means The First Chair in Welsh and is where, officially, the King Sits. The Second Chair, yr Ail Gadair, is where, traditionaly, officially and historically, the Chancellor should sit. Beneath the foot of the Cadair Cyntaf is Mungo, the Symbol of TwoChairs.


Mungo is a statue of immense importance to Tchairians. He symbolises the strength and intelligence of all Tchairians, and is a figurehead to lead TwoChairs through difficult times.


The currency of TwoChairs is currently the GBP or Pound Sterling. It has very little use as the economy of TwoChairs is developing, and most of its businesses deal outside of the Kingdom itself. There are plans to issue some commemorative banknotes equal in value to the Pound Sterling and based on TwoChairs treasury. The treasury contains semi-precious stones, pine cones and GBP coins.


Many holidays are celebrated in TwoChairs. The most important official ones are:

Easter Sunday, Christmas, Hallowe'en, Founding Day (6 October), St David's Day, St Patrick's Day, St George's Day, St Valentines Day, St Dwynwen's Day, Mungo's Day (10 October), St Stephen's Day, Kingdom Day (19 January, also birthday of King and Chancellor)

It is common to have a singing event to mark Founding Day, and to place Mungo on the Cadair Cyntaf for the entirety of Mungo's Day.


TwoChairs is a Monarchy ruled by a single legislative Council, known as the National Council. The members of the Council are appointed by the King, apart from the Chancellor of TwoChairs, who is chosen via a vote in which all of the citizens of TwoChairs, apart from the King, may take part.

Laws are decided by Motions, put forward by members of the Council and voted on. The Monarch has the right to veto any Motion he or she deems not to be acceptable. The National Council must always consist of a Chairman and two other members.


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All the information on this article is cited from the official Blog of TwoChairs, except where noted.