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Chivaliers (pronounced: Shiv-ali-airs) was a micronation that existed during 2006. I was situated in what is now eastern Musorov, Cheslovia. The capital city of Chivaliers was Hal, the currency was the Molk. Chivaliers was known for having various territorial disputes with Zagoria, another bordering micronation also situated in modern Musorov. Relations with Cheslovia (then known as The Kaznian Empire) was tense. Relations became bad after trade negotiations failed, according to the Chivalian government Kaznia was to blame for proposing unfair trade deals. The situation was exacerbated when the Kaznian government - suspicious of Chivaliers - sent spies to view Chivalian documents. The spies returned information which stated that the Chivalian regard for Kaznia was 2/10. Kaznia immidiately stopped all deals with the nation and began to form relation with Zagoria, Chivaliers' enemy.