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The flag of Zagoria

Zagoria (Zagorian alphabet: Зиҩӧгіи,[1] also known as "Zalgor") was a micronation situated in present day Musorov, the nation was located primarily in Baltia, however it had land claims beyond Baltian borders. Zagoria was founded some time during June 2006, and their relations with Chivaliers were poor, usually Zagoria and Kaznia would both declare wars against Chivlaiers for various reasons including territorial issues, espionage issues and trade disputes. Kaznia had exclaves located inside Zagoria, including a corporate exclave, this was a mine used by Kaznia which produced both clay and quartz, clay was an extremely useful and valuable resources during 2006 for Baltian nations, as it was used to make a variety of cultural items, such as pots and statues. The currency of Zagoria was the Yits, one Yits was worth approximately 90 British Pence, one Yitz was made up of 100 Yelta's. On 25 December 2006, Zagoria had informed the Kaznian government that Zagoria will hand over their territory, and soon Zagoria was incorporated into the Kaznian Empire as "Zalya Colony", also known as "Zalya Region". The capital city of Zagoria was "Ulanbator", and the nation was based upon Mongolian culture.

First war with Chivaliers

Some time during June, Kaznia and Chivaliers declared war upon each other due to a trade dispute which occurred after the Kaznian government demanded 30 Splinter guns and 50 spears, and offer which even the Kaznian government knew was too hard to accomplish. Immediately after the discussions on trade, both nations became increasingly suspicious of one another, until an inevitable war happened, days after the declaration of war, Zagoria accepted an alliance with Kaznia and entered the war against Chivaliers. During the trade war between Kaznian and Chivaliers, a trade war occured between Zagoria and Chivaliers, with both nations now claiming roughly the same territory. After one month Kaznia and Chivaliers made peace, although Zagoria continued its border war. Many battle and skirmishes happened between the two sides, with Zagoria winning many, although achieving very little. The war ended with a status quo, Zagoria having won many battle and Chivaliers keeping its territorial integrity.

  1. Similar to Zagorian alphabet, original documents showing alphabet have been lost