North Atlantic Federation of Micronations

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The North Atlantic Federation of Micronations Die Nord Atlantik Federation von Micronation
Севератлинтика Федерация Микронаций
Coat of Arms
Coat of Arms
Motto: Unity and Equality
Union anthem: Dance of the Knights
Capital None official, Musorov
Official languages English, German, Russian
Government Supranational Union
Founded 9 November 2007
Member states 3
Area 159.373 km²
Location North Atlantic
Population 142

The North Atlantic Federation of Micronations (NAFM) is a supranational union between five micronations who have agreed to work together of peace and prosperity. On 27 June 2009, the Cheslovian Federal government officialy decided that the NAFM had become inactive and "dead".


The NAFM was founded on 9 November 2007 by Kaznia and Fristehen, originaly, it was intended as an exclusive supranational union between Kaznia and Fristehen and was at the time called the Union of Fristehen and Kaznia (UFK). Shortly before the UFK was to be officially established it was decided to allow other nations to join and the name was changed to The North Atlantic Federation of Micronations. The first Chairmanship state of the NAFM was Fristehen and the NAFM capital was located in Knapp, the capital of Fristehen. At the beginning of the year 2008, Fristehen handed Kaznia the Chairmanship status, and the capital was changed to Musorov, the capital of Kaznia. Since the beginning of 2008, the NAFM had accepted two new member nations, The Republic of Gemnoviag and The Principality of Wiltamshire. In October Gemnoviag resigned from the NAFM to join it's original source, the UNAM instead. The NAFM has also been sent an aplication from The Commonwealth Republic of Avalon expressing an intrest to join the NAFM. On the 11th April 2008, The Principality of Cakeland joined the NAFM. The 3rd of May saw the first nation leave the NAFM, this nation was Wiltamshire, the reason for its leave was due to Wiltamshire comming to an official end by decree of its leader. In mid-2008, the national anthem was chosen by unanimous vote in the NAFM Parliament to be the Dance of the Knights, composed by Sergei Prokofiev.

Member states

The NAFM is composed of 4 micronations who are seeking independence, current member states are:

To join the NAFM a country must meet certain standards and agree to The Treaty of the NAFM.


A map of the NAFM territory at it's biggest (still showing Wiltamshire and Gemnoviag)

The NAFM covers an area of 9.375 km² and the NAFM's highest point is Turi Hill located in Kaznia and is about 124m above sea level, the lowest point is the Talima river also located in Kaznia. The NAFM's territory is hilly in Kaznia, and flat in Fristehen. The NAFM has no coast line.


The leadership of the NAFM is rotated between each member state alphabeticaly each year, and the leaderof the NAFM is known as a Chairman. The government of the NAFM is a supranational union, meaning that all laws are passed by a democratic vote in the NAFM Parliament. The NAFM is not a state intended to replace existing states, it is an organisation intended to promote peace and cooperation between it's members.

The NAFM commission

The NAFM commition is an institution where member states may draft policies and later present them to the NAFM Parliament for a vote.

The NAFM Parliament

The NAFM Parliament is where member states may propose ideas for a vote, it is also where the Chairman can address the NAFM and also where legal action can be taken against the member states.

Foreign relations

The NAFM does not conduct foreign relations with other countries like the individual memeber states do, however, the NAFM has a special day where member nations send aid to other under developed countries.

Military and defence

The official logo of the NAFMDA

The NAFM has a special military that was created to defend the territories of the NAFM, this special millitary is called the North Atlantic Federation of Micronations Defence Agency (NAFMDA), every member nation in the NAFM contributes to the NAFMDA by sending troops to join their NAFMDA Battalion. The NAFMDA Battalion is responsible for protecting the membernations territory in the name of the NAFM.


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  • English - 80%
  • German - 9%
  • Russian - 9%
  • Other - 2%

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