Iigon Dzyozhov

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Iigon Dzyozhov
Иигон Дзйожов
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Personal information
Name: Iigon Dzyozhov (Kaznian name)
Nationality: Cheslovian, German, EU
Date of birth 22 December 1927 (1927-12-22) (age 93)
Birth place: Königsburg, East Prussia, Germany (now Kaliningrad, Kaliningrad Oblast', Russian Federation)
Political party: Socialist Party of Stettin
Religion: Atheist

Iigon Dzyozhov (Russian: Иигон Дзёжов, Cheslovian: Иигон Дзйожов) is a Cheslovian citizen and current Minister of Finance. He was born in Königsburg, East Prussia (now known as Kaliningrad, Russia). During the Second World War, he served in the Luftwaffe in the anti-air brigade and then later in German Kriegsmarine, on board the pocket battle ship called Admiral Scheer. He states that he was anti Hitler, due to his father being executed in a concentration camp (named Sachsenhausen) for speaking out against Hitler. After his ship was sunk at a port, he was captured by the British and sent to the UK as a POW. After the war ended he continued to live in the UK and established a family (using original family name "Stein").

In Cheslovia

He currently lives in the Stettin Republic and is the Minister of Finance of Cheslovia, he is responsible for the pro EU attitude in Cheslovia, preaching and justifying points about the EU and critisizing others who dislike the EU. He was also the first citizens who was part of the Cheslovian German Ethnic Group. Iigon Dzyozhov is the head of the Socialist Party of Stettin.

Today, his relatives are also Cheslovian citizens, however, they live in Germany and not in and Cheslovian territory.