2016 Idealist Party leadership election

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Idealist Party leadership election, 2016
17–18 November 2016
  IPP.png IPP.png IPP.png
Candidate None of the above Sir Pavle Savovic KOSA Sir Shady Morsi KCS
Home state Daljam Hasanistan
Popular vote 9 6 2
Percentage ? ? ?

Leader before election

Baron Hasan Tradthar-i-falur‎

Elected Leader

Baron Hasan Tradthar-i-falur‎

The 2016 Idealist Party leadership election was the first leadership election of the Idealist Party of Pavlov and took place between November 17 and November 18, 2016. The election was triggered following demands by Sir Pavle Savovic KOSA for the selection of a new party chairman. The eliection was contested between Sir Shady Morsi KCS and Sir Pavle Savovic KOSA. Baron Hasan Tradthar-i-falur‎, the incumbent chairman, declined to stand as a candidate for election.[1]

Neither candidate managed to attain the majority of votes to allow them to gain a mandate to take control of the party. Instead, a protest vote option attained the majority of votes in the election, beating both candidates with 53% of the vote.[2] Following the announcement of the surprising result, Baron Hasan Tradthar-i-falur‎ retained the chairmanship to prevent potential instability caused by the result.



Name Constituent state Most recent post Ideology
Sir Shady Morsi KCS Hasanistan.png Hasanistan Minister of Foreign Affairs
Conservative libertarian
Sir Pavle Savovic KOSA Daljamflag.png Daljam Viceroy of Daljam




Vote by state
Region "None of the above" Sir Pavle Savovic KOSA Sir Shady Morsi KCS Turnout (%)
Total 9 6 2 100
Hasanistan 4 1 2 100
Akebar 0 2 0 100
Daljam 2 3 0 100
Crown Lands 3 0 0 100



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