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Sanjak of the Great Turan State
Location of Hasanistan in Eurasia
Location of Hasanistan in Eurasia
Country Great Turan State
HordeBlue Horde

Hasanistan is a sanjak of the Great Turan State and a non-sovereign micronational region with territorial claims located across the Greater Middle East region, although mainly centred in its Central Asian territory in the area known locally as Greater Hasanistan. Hasanistan is led by its Sanjakbey Hasan Çakar, who also holds the nationally-recognised local title of Başbuğ.

Hasanistan unilaterally seceded from Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Bahrain on 7 September 2011.[1][2] Following the secession, an autocratic government led by the country's founder, Hasan Çakar, ruled the country for three years. The authoritarian government collapsed on 9 June 2013, following a political crisis between the government and elements of the military, and democratic reforms were implemented transforming Hasanistan into a democratic republic.[3] On 11 August 2016, Hasanistan became a territory of the Empire of Pavlov,[4] where it remained until Pavlov dissolved in 2017.[5]

Following the dissolution of Pavlov, Hasanistan experienced an unstable period of independence for two months until it joined the Expansive Realm of Khorașan.[6] Hasanistan remained a territory of Khorașan for nearly a month until it unilaterally seceded due to instability and infighting within the Khorașani government.[7] Hasanistan became a monarchy under former Pavlovian emperor Iskender IV in late 2019[8] and was incorporated among other realms he ruled over into the Tsardom of Montescano in early April 2020.[9] Later in the same month, during a political dispute between the Monarchy and Prime Minister, Hasanistan seceded from Montescano,[10] abolished the monarchy and re-established itself as an independent republic.[11] In August 2021, following both sides expressing interest in rapprochement, Hasanistan became a socius state of Pavlov and Iskender IV was re-instated as Shahanshah.[12] Hasanistan re-organised into the Gurkani state on 10 March 2022, which later became the Grand Turan State.[13]

Hasanistan is a culturally Turco-Persian nation and often regarded itself as the successor state of the Seljuk Empire, an aspect of the state that was established within its Constitution. Islam is the predominant religion of its citizenry and the role of religion in the politics of the country has often varied, ranging from being officially secular to having a state religion. It is an active and founding participant state in the Batyr Bloc and has long practised a diplomatic tradition of neutrality.

An entity on Micras is named after and inspired by Hasanistan, although it does not share any formal connection or relationship with the real-world Hasanistan.

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