Idealist Party of Pavlov

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Idealist Party
of Pavlov
Leader Hasan Çakar
Founded September 23 2016
Membership 10
Ideology Minority rights
National affiliation Flag of Pavlov.jpg Pavlov
Official colours Blue
State Council
4 / 12
Official website
The Idealist Party of Pavlov (Hasani: Idealist Partisi) is a political party of Pavlov established on September 23th 2016. The party's self-proclaimed goal is the preservation of minority rights, however the party also campaigns for other issues. The party currently holds three seats in the Pavlovian State Council and is the lesser partner in the current political coalition ruling Pavlov. The main Idealist Party strongholds in Pavlov are Hasanistan Daljam and Akebar.


The party was established on September 23th 2016 by independent Hasan Çakar who held the position of Minister of Finance. On October 9th 2016, the party decided to become the lesser partner in a coalition government with Pavlovian Right Party, which has been the ruling government since then. Following a request from Sir Pavle Savovic KOSA, the Idealist Party and His Imperial Majesty Emperor Alexander IV allowed for the party's first leadership election to take place. The election started on November 17th 2016 and ended the following day. Neither candidates won due to a protest vote getting the majority, forcing Hasan Çakar to retain his position as chairman[1].

Seats in the State Council

Name Role Term start Term end Notes
Hasan Çakar Minister of Finance August 11th 2016
(as Independent)

September 23th 2016
(as Idealist Party)

October 12th 2016 Founder and first Idealist Party member to hold a seat in parliament. Previously independent.
Hasan Çakar Minister of National Security and Internal Affairs October 12th 2016 present Current leader of the party.
Shady Morsi Minister of Foreign Affairs October 12th 2016 present
Rilgar Ompastre Viceroy of Akebar October 12th 2016 present
Pavle Savovic Viceroy of Daljam November 15th 2016 present


Leadership elections



The exact ideology of the party is disputed, although it is mostly described as populist. The party's main goal is the preservation of minority rights, especially those granted to the Turkic minority. Since the release of the 2016 party manifesto[2], the party has also been described as socialist by some due to its support for public ownership. However, the party's second-in-command Shady Morsi identifies as libertarian conservative. The 2016 party manifesto also heavily criticizes progressivism and defends family values and the monarchy.

Recently, fascist and ultranationalist elements of the party have gained influence.

Regional affiliates

Idealist Party of Hasanistan

The Idealist Party of Hasanistan is the affiliate of the Idealist Part in Hasanistan. It was established on November 3rd 2016 following the merger of the Nomad Party and Hasanistan Independence Party[3].