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Woking Council
Alternative Woking Authorities
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Dale Republic

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The Woking Council is the upper house of the Alternative Woking Authorities (the Parliament of the Dale Republic), which was introduced in March 2012. The Woking Council is a coalition body filled by one representative of every political party in the Dale Republic. Sessions are open to the public, although the location of sessions can be changed if the Woking Council so desires, and secure closed sessions may be convoked. The Chairman of the Woking Council is the Prime Minister of the Dale Republic and is a strategic regional authority, with powers over the passing of legislation from the Dale Montering and the authorities of autonomous republics of the Dale Republic. Woking Council is an unfunded body and has minimal powers of the Dale Republic and is mostly responcible for final checks over legislation. Although the body is named after the capital of the Dale Republic it is more likely for meetings of the Woking Council to happen outside the capital.


The main purpose of the Woking Council is to make final checks on legislation proposed by the Dale Montering or the authorities of autonomous republics and reject or pass the legislation should it be of a correct standard. However, the body can also pass its own legislation as proposed by the President or Prime Minister, by-passing the Dale Montering and any other governing bodies. The Woking Council is also responsible for changes to the Dale Republic, such as national anthem, flag, emblem, motto, legislature, capital and Administrative divisions of the Dale Republic.

Council members

Council members
Party Representative Seat taken
Woking People's Nationalist Party Danny Clarke March 2012
Liberal-Conservative Party Daniel Townend March 2012

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