Socialist Party (New Europe)

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New European Socialist Party
Neu-Europäische Sozialistische Partei
ChairmanAkhil Chokshi
FoundedJune 10, 2011
Dissolved4 December 2013
Membership (2011)4
IdeologySocial democracy, Market socialism, Social liberalism
Political positionFar-left
International affiliationSocialist InterMicronational
Seats in the Reichstag
5 / 11

The Socialist Party was a political party in New Europe. It was founded as a merger of the Falian Socialist Party and parts of the Falian Democratic Party in June 2011. The party's platform is far-left of center in the New European political spectrum. The founder Eric Perez, was a prominent figure for socialism in the White Revolution. The party advocates a socialist form of government, however they push for a more social reforms and rights to New European minorities.


The Socialist Party was formed on June 10, 2011 when the Socialist Party of Falia merged with the Falian Democratic Party. Eric Perez, a former soldier in the Imperial Army, was elected the parties first chairman on the same day. The party was pushing for social and political reform in New Europe during its White Revolution. Now that major reforms have been made the party is focusing on its own organization and persuing alliances with other socialist parties across the community. In July 2011 it joined the Socialist Intermicronational.

Party platform

The current party platform espouses the goal of social democracy, which is seen as a vision of a societal arrangement in which freedom and social justice are paramount. According to the party platform, freedom, justice, and social solidarity, form the basis of social democracy. A coordinated market socialist economy should be implemented, and its output should be distributed fairly. The socialist party advocates a sustainable fiscal policy that doesn't place a burden on future generations while eradicating budget deficits. In social policy, the party stands for civil and political rights in an open society. In foreign policy, the party aims at ensuring community peace by balancing the interests of all micronations with democratic means. It is in favor of joining the Organisation of Active Micronations, instead of the Organization of United Micronations.

List of Party leaders

# Picture Name Term start Term end
1 Eric perez.png Eric Perez June 10, 2011 October 26, 2011
First party chairman and first Socialist Chancellor.
2 N/A Akhil Chokshi October 26, 2011 Incumbent
Second party chairman.

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