Secretary of State (Hinata)

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Secretary of State of Hinata
Masahiro Cheng

since Summer ??, Year III
StyleHis Excellency
ResidenceHis own house
NominatorHinata National Assembly
AppointerPresident of Hinata
Term lengthPresident's will (Y. I-Y. II)
Legislature length (Year II -)
Inaugural holderEric Nakajima
FormationYear I (2018)
Salary1,000 JPY per day

The Secretary of State of Hinata (in japanese and officially:日南田島国務長官, ひなたしまこくむちょうかん) is the second authority of Hinata. He advices and helps in her work the President of Hinata and is her substitute in her absence. Since the 1st Hinata presidential election in year 2, the Secretary of State is not a confidence or trust position and is elected and appointed by the Hinata National Assembly. Is the Hinata equivalent to the Prime Minister


In the Hinata constitution, the Secretary of State is the head of the government cabinet.

Rules to be elected

  • The elected person must be a Hinata National Assembly member.
  • To be elected, the candidate needs the majority of votes of the assembly.

Political Parties

  Nichiren Democratic Party (NDP)

  Liberal Democratic Party (LDP)

List of Secretaries of State

# Picture Name Took office Left office Party President
1 Eric Nakajima
Winter, Year I Winter, Year I Nichiren Democratic Party Tarô Nakajima
2 Goran Ishijima
Winter, Year I Autumn, Year II Nichiren Democratic Party Tarô Nakajima
3 Tarô Nakajima
Autumn, Year II Summer ??, Year III Nichiren Democratic Party Lanna Harada
4 Masahiro Cheng
Summer ??, Year III In office Liberal Democratic Party Lanna Harada