Privy Council of Zealandia

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Privy Council of Zealandia of Zealandia
Swedish: Kronrådet av Zeelandien
StyleThe Right Honourable (The Rt. Hon)
AppointerZealandian Monarch
Term lengthlife appointment

The Most Honourable Privy Council of the Commonwealth of Zealandia (Swedish: Den mest heder kronrådet av Samväldet Zeelandien) , usually known simply as the Privy Council, was a body of advisers to the former Monarch in the Commonwealth of Zealandia. Its membership was made up of Zealandian politicians, members of the Royal Family, and others deemed trustworthy.

A precursor to the Privy Council could be seen in the "Executive Council" which formed around March 2013 and was solely made up of Zealandian ministers.

The Privy Council itself was founded on 23 February 2014 by an amendment to the constitution. It "has the function of providing non-binding advice to the Monarch on the exercise of the powers and duties of the crown and on any matter which may be brought by the Monarch to its attention", and "is comprised of Privy Counsellors appointed to it by the Monarch."

The membership of the Privy Council was at the complete discretion of the Monarch, who also chaired the Council.
Members enjoyed the use of the title The Right Honourable (Swedish: Den Hogra Hedervärde).
The Privy Council was abolished following the 2016 Red April Revolution.

List of members

Royal Family Ministers of the Crown Other memebers
Individual Appointed Roles/reasons Subcommittee appointments Political party affiliations
H.M. Astrid, Queen of Zealandia February 24, 2014 Queen of Zealandia (28 February 2010 – present) Judicial Zealandian Greens - De Gröna and Australian Greens
HRH Brigadier Katherine 1 March 2014 Governor of Wallander Canton (2013–present), Mother of the monarch N/A None
HRH Major Amanda 1 March 2014 Prime Minister (November 2013), sister of the monarch N/A None
Elsie Nyqvist 1 March 2014 deputy Prime Minister (November 11, 2013 – Present), Minister for Internal Affairs (November 2013 - November 2014), Minister for Innovation and Science (November 2013 – present) Cabinet Zealandian Greens - De Gröna
Anna Lindström 1 March 2014 Minister for Foreign Affairs and Society and Minister for State Security (December 2010 – present) Cabinet Zealandian Greens - De Gröna and Australian Greens
Dylan Grönsson 1 March 2014 Prime Minister (August 2014 – present), Human Rights Commissioner (March - August 2014), Minister for the Environment and Health (March 2014 – present), Assistant Minister for Foreign Affairs (June 2014 – present) Cabinet Zealandian Greens - De Gröna, Australian Greens
Shakira Danger August 2014 Minister for National Wellbeing (August 2014 – present), Minister for Internal Affairs (November 2014 – present) Cabinet Zealandian Greens - De Gröna
Johanna Hansson 1 March 2014 Lord Supreme Justice of the Commonwealth of Zealandia (2012–present) Judicial None
Daniel Anderson 15 March 2014 Premier of Sirocco (2010–present), Opposition leader (2011) N/A Siroccan Federal Party and National Party (NZ)
Joseph Puglisi 15 March 2014 President of Tiana (2010–present), Prime Minister (2011-2012) N/A Communist Party of Tiana
Lord Pingu Pikaviksson, Baron Pikaviksson 1 March 2014 Prime Minister (November 16, 2013– August 1, 2014) N/A Moderate Party of Zealandia
General Axeris Rödsson 28 February 2015 General of Her Majesty's Civil Guard, and Governor of Nya Skåne (2014–Present) N/A Zealandian Communist Party and Australian Greens


There where two subcommittees:

  • Cabinet: Chaired by the Prime Minister, discusses government executive policy.
  • Judicial: Chaired by the Queen, discusses judicial matters such as pardons.