Her Majesty's Civil Guard (Zealandia)

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Her Majesty's Civil Guard
Hennes Majestäts Hemvärnet
ZDF Heraldic device.png
Zealandian Defence Force Heraldic Device
Active 2012 - 2016
Country Zealandia
Role Ceremonial Army
Size Over 8 Personnel
Headquarters Tyrshavn Citadel
Motto Svärd och Hedra
Anniversaries 16 June 2014
Engagements None
Chief of the Civil Guard General Axeris Rödsson
Comander-in-Chief Astrid of Zealandia
Socks Alexandria

Her Majesty's Civil Guard (HM Civil Guard), (Swedish:Hennes Majestäts Hemvärnet) was the sole military unit of the Zealandian Defence Force.


Founded on 16 June 2014 following the amalgamation of the Zealandian Defence Force (ZDF) units.


The following units where part of the HM Civil Guard:

  • The Queen's Own Winter Regiment
  • Logistical and Organisational Regiment
  • Zealandian Infantry and Field Regiment
  • 7th Mounted Proletarians and Berserkers
  • Air Defence Regiment
  • Maritime Defence Regiment
  • The Royal Guards

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