Zealandian Defence Force

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Zealandian Defence Force
Zeelandiens Försvarsmakten

Zealandian Defence Force logo.png

logo of the ZDF

Motto: Honour Loyalty and Integrity

March Hell March
Established 2 March 2010 as KOZDF
1 August 2012 as ZDF
Disestablished 11 April 2016
Country Zealandia
Nicknames ZDF
Components HM Civil Guard
Sub-components Zealandian Border Guards
Previous Engagements Winter Revoution (Republican Side)
2014 New South Scotland crisis
Commander-in-Chief Astrid of Zealandia as Queen of Zealandia
Chief of Staff Gen. Axeris Rödsson
General information
Headquarters Tyrshavn Citadel
Standard weapon Classified
Assault weapon Classified
Under Construction

The Zealandian Defence Force (Swedish:Zeelandiens Försvarsmakten, Zealandian:Zålandieni Krigimakt) was the defence force of the Commonwealth of Zealandia.
The Zealandian Defence Force (ZDF), was one of the most well developed militarises in New South Wales, excluding the Australian Defence Force.
The ZDF was comprised of Her Majesty's Civil Guard and previously comprised of, the Air Defences (SE:Flygvapnet), Coast Guard (SE:Kustbevakningen) and Territorial Ground Force (SE:Markstridskrafter) these services all contribute to the Zealandian Border Guard.

Command Structure

The Queen of Zealandia (previously Astrid of Zealandia) was the commander in chief of the ZDF, under her was the Chief of Staff all other ranks where interchangeable.
The ZDF was notable for not having any enlisted ranks.


The Zealandian Defence Force employed a roundels for use on land vehicles, aircraft and vessels

Disability Policy

The ZDF was one of the only defence forces in the world that does not discriminate against potential and current members based on disability.


The ZDF came into being during the Winter Revoultion as the majority of the Kingdom of Zealandia Defence Force (KOZDF) personnel defected to the republican side, including eventually their commander in chief Anna Lindstrom.


The ZDF, MILRED Level short for MILitary REaDiness Level (Swedish:MBN, Militär Beredskapsnivå) was an alert and readiness level used by the ZDF, and was set by the Queen or in her legal absence or the event of there being no monarch the Privy Council.
In MILRED's whole existence there has never been an occasion of MILRED ONE or TWO being activated.

Level Description Explanation
FIVE/FEM Normal Zealandia at peace: no threat detected. ZDF on low readiness alert.
FOUR/FYRA Observe Zealandia on security watch: low threat level. Ministry for State Security begins monitoring suspicious actions internally and externally.
THREE/TRE Warning ZDF on low warning: moderate threat detected. The ZDF is placed on a warning as "low" alerts move into "moderate" alerts, base security tightened.
TWO/TVÅ Alert ZDF on alert: high threat level. The ZDF begins activation of mobilisation plans.
ONE/ETT Attack ZDF Mobilised: extreme threat level, possible breach of Zealandian borders. The ZDF is placed on high alert and is mobilised. Borders are in lock-down.

Safe base level

The ZDF also had simplified base security statuses, set by the chief of staff.

  • Charlie: Normal Security
  • Bravo: Tightened Security
  • Alpha: Lock-down
  • Alpha Alpha: War Footing
  • Echo: Evacuate base

Battle honours

The Zealandian Defence Force had received two battle honours:

  • Christchurch Earthquake 2011 (awarded for the bravery shown in dealing with the aftermath of the Christchurch earthquakes
  • Austenasia 2014 (awarded following the conflict over New South Scotland