Zealandian Territorial Ground Force

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Zealandian Territorial Forces
Zeelandiens landstridskrafter
Zålandieni Svæðinjordmakt
Zealandian Territorial Forces Logo.png
ZTGF Emblem
Active 2012
Country Zealandia
Role Army
Size Over 8 Personnel
Headquarters Stepenavik Citadel
Motto Svärd och Hedra
Anniversaries 1 August 2012
Engagements None
Service Chief General Socks Alexandria
Comander-in-Chief Charlotte Lindstrom
Socks Alexandria

The Zealandian Territorial Forces (Swedish:Zeelandiens landstridskrafter Zealandian: Zålandieni Svæðinjordmakt) was the army component of the Zealandian Defence Force with responsibility for land operations in maintaining Zealandian neutrality.


The ZTGF was spawned out of the Winter Revolution of August 2012, continuing on the traditions of the Royal Zealandian Army.


The ZTGF was lead by a service chief, who is answerable to the commander in chief.

The ZTGF was broken into separate regiments each answerable to the service chief:

The President's Own Winter Regiment Logistical and Organisational Regiment Zealandian Infantry and Field Regiment 7th Mounted Proletarians and Berserkers Each Regiment is then broken into Divsions, Company's, Corps or Troops.

President's Own Winter Regiment

The President's Own Winter Regiment (Abbr: POWR).

It is a Unique Regiment in that the main requirement to join is that one must be able to either ice skate or ski. The POWR is personally responsible for ceremonial duties surrounding the President and Federal Council.

The POWR is broken down into the following:

Mountain Division Ice Troops

Logistical and Organisational Regiment

The Logistical and Organisational Regiment (Abbr:LOR) is the regiment tasked with organising and transporting the ZTGF.

The LOR comprises of the following:

Signals and Intelligence Company Royal Transport Corps

Zealandian Infantry and Field Regiment

The Zealandian Infantry and Field Regiment (Abbr:ZIFR) is the main fighting force of the ZTGF and comprises of the following:

1st Infantry Company 1st Field and Medical Company

7th Mounted Proletarians and Berserkers

The 7th Mounted Proletarians and Berserkers is a combined regiment of cyclist troops and the elite berserks, named after the Berserkers of the Norse times.

Emblem of Zealandia.png