Royal Zealandian Army

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Royal Zealandian Army
Royal zealandian army logo.png
Active 2010–present
Country Kingdom of Zealandia
Allegiance Kingdom of Zealandia, Zealandian Consititution, Zealandian Monarch
Type Micronational Army
Part of Kingdom of Zealandia Defence Force
Patron Monarch
Chief of Staff Field Marshal HM King Anthony

The Royal Zealandian Army (German: Königlich Seelandisch Armee, Maori: Ariki Tapairu Ope Taua o Zealandia, abbreviated RZA) is the land warfare division of the Zealandian Defence Force. The RZA is lead by a Field Marshal, currently HM Queen Astrid.


The RZA is lead by a Chief of Staff the Current Chief of Staff is HM the Queen.

The RZC is broken into separate regiments each answerable to the Chief of Staff:

  • The Queen's Own Winter Regiment
  • Logistical and Organisational Regiment
  • Royal Zealandia Infantry and Field Regiment

Each Regiment is then broken into Divisions, Company's, Corps or Troops.

The Queen's Own Winter Regiment

The Queen's Own Winter Regiment (Abbr: QOWR) is the RZA's elite forces unit and is responsible for the most daring missions conducted by the RZA. It is a Unique Regiment in that the main requirement to join is that one must be able to either ice skate or ski. The KOWR is personally commanded by Field Marshall Queen Astrid.

The QOWR is broken down into the following:

  • Mountain Division
  • Ice Troops

The Mountain Division is the main forces used by the KOZDF to defend Zealandia's interests in alpine places. The Ice Troops are the Commando's within the KOZDF and most information on them is classified.

Current MILRED level

Logistical and Organisational Regiment

The Logistical and Organisational Regiment (Abbr:LOR) is the regiment tasked with organising and transporting the RZA.

The LOR comprises of the following:

  • Signals and Intelligence Company
  • Royal Transport Corps
  • Royal Zealandia Constabulary Military Policing Corps (run by KOZDF personnel who are sworn as Police Constables
  • Customs and Borders Police (run with the Home Ministry RZA provides border troops)

Royal Zealandia Infantry and Field Regiment

The Royal Zealandia Infantry and Field Regiment (Abbr:RZIFR) is the main fighting force of the RZA and comprises of the following:

  • 1st Infantry Company
  • 1st Field and Medical Company
  • 1st Intermicronational task force (Division)

Royal Guards

The Royal Guards is a ceremonial unit formed from the regiments of the RZA and is formed on occasions such as the opening of Parliament, when foreign officials are presented and on important days in Zealandia. The Royal Guards uniform is the same as the Normal RZA dress uniform except that it is coloured red and all guards have red headgear.


Officers: O-A O-B O-C O-D O-E O-F O-G
Insignia Flight lt.png Wing comander.png Group capt.png Air comm.png Vice air marshal.png Air marshall.png Air cheif marsha;.png
Title Lieutenant Captain Major Colonel Lieutenant General General Field Marshal
NATO Code OF-2 OF-3 OF-5 OF-6 OF-7


Flight Sgt..gif Koz sgt.png Flight Corp.png

Staff Sergeant

St Sgt






The RZA bases its ranks and traditions off the British and US armies. The RZA though does have its own traditions such as using the Royal Navy salute over the British army one.


The RZA's Uniforms have been inspired by a number of different places including the British Army, the German Heer and the St Charlian army:

In a combat zone, the RZA uses either British or New Zealand Disruptive Pattern Material (DPM)

When in combat uniform, medics wear a red cross on their left arm and a blue cross on the right.


Summer service uniform Royal Zealandian Army standard service uniform (based on the Heer) Royal Guard Standard Uniform Royal Guards Summer service dress


Any Citizen of Zealandia, her Allies, the OAM member nations, New Zealand and the Commonwealth of Nations may join the RZA to enlist just contact the HMZ Government or leave a message on the talk page

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