Winter Revolution (Zealandia)

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Winter Revolution
Part of the Republican Insurrection
Date1 August 2012
Result Republican victory, declaration of the Federal Republic of Zealandia
National Transitional Council
Supported by:
Syolian Union
Kingdom of Zealandia
Commanders and leaders
Joseph Puglisi
Håkon Lindström (post-defection)
Håkon Lindström (pre-defection)
10 0

The Winter Revolution, known to its detractors as the August Coup, was a republican political revolution and coup d'etat in Zealandia. Then-Prime Minister Joseph Puglisi led the coup, in order to abolish the Zealandian monarchy. All political parties in Zealandia supported the coup, however, some have critized the revolution, speculating that the NTC does not intend to instate a democratic republic, but a single-party state.


All times are in AEST:

  • 10 AM: Charlotte Lindström is informed of an uprising
  • 10:25 AM: Joseph Puglisi informs Lindström of the defections including his.
  • 10:30 AM: Charlotte Lindström defects from the position of monarch.

Cultural Importance

The Winter revolution had gained its own cult of personality, with Zealandian leaders praising it and holding it to be a important event in Zealandian history.

Political outcome

The speculation of a single party state has all but evaporated after the signing of new constitution in October 2012.

The republic created by the revolution was brought down during the February Statskupp in 2013.