Zealandian Coast Guard

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Zealandian Coast Guard
Kurstpatrol Zålandien Zeelandiens Kustbevakningen

Coast Guard Emblem
Active 2012 - 2014
Country Zealandia
Role Coast Guard
Size Over 8 Personnel
Home Port The Admiralty Building, City of Stepenavik
Motto Defending Zealandia With Honour.
Anniversaries 1 March 2010
Engagements None
Director Charlotte Lindstrom
Comander-in-Chief Charlotte Lindstrom
Charlotte Lindstrom

The Zealandian Coast Guard was the senior branch of the Zealandian Defence Force (KOZDF) and was responsible for the protection of Zealandia's maritime interests and her coasts in addition to the protection of Zealandia's neutrality.


The ZCG had a proud but short history, starting with the then Royal Zealandian Naval Service helping out with the building of some domestic projects within the former province of Elphaba.

After the February Earthquake the then RZNS assisted with Local and NZ Clean up operations.


Sleeve Insignia

Commissioned Officers

Marshall Director Captain Commander Lieutenant Sub- Lieutenant
Abbreviation Mrshl Drct. Capt Cdr Lt